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  • Totally fascinating. If you are searching for self-harm on Pinterest, they won't just give you phone numbers to call. They'll actually guide you into actions that can help, like holding an ice cube and watching it melt. @pardesoteric - Nicholas Thompson
  • We'd all feel so much better if compassionate design was more widespread. - Fast Company
  • Please do. - Andréa Mallard
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  • In an age when so much of the internet feels bad, Pinterest has carved out a niche as the place you come to feel good. - Tracy Chou
  • These cookbooks are great choices for anyone on your list, including kids and beginners. - HuffPost
  • Social media companies, copy this new feature from Pinterest. “As Pinterest’s lead designer & cofounder Evan Sharp put it, the company is leaning less on traditional engagement metrics such as clicks, & more on how someone feels when they’re on Pinterest.” - Candice Morgan
  • Copycats v welcome - Jessica Henry
  • if you want to buy a house in san francisco, you wont just be up against all-cash bids over market price — now you'll competing against bidders offering sweeteners like "two Teslas" and "Pinterest stock" real normal housing market we got here - rat king
  • This article discussed how more social sites should copy Pinterest and their compassionate design use. I appreciate this article because so many students use social media and more companies should be aware of helpful features. ⁦@ClemsonGC⁩ #gc3400 - alafran
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