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  • "It's not pit bulls, it's dogs, it's the owners and how the dogs are treated." - CTV Toronto
  • Separated pit bulls ‘hit the doggie lottery’ as Marvel star adopts both - Tampa Bay Times
  • A member of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative caucus is hoping to reverse the province’s ban on pit bulls. - CityNews Toronto
  • Private member's bill to overturn Ontario pit bull ban introduced in legislature - CP24
  • "Most of the time, it's not the dog, it's the owner who fails." - Global News Toronto
  • MSNBC Hires Former Mueller ‘Pit Bull’ Andrew Weissmann As Legal Analyst - Howie Carr
  • White House appears to be self-destructing, as impeachment hearings now pit Trump against those who work for him. Pompeo (implicated in the Bribery scream) If he doesn’t testify, he should be impeached. The Most brutal day for the Trump Presidency. - Rula Jebreal
  • The Latest: Trump aims to pit black voters vs. immigrants - Black News Portal
  • Dave Bautista, star of @Guardians, adopted two sweet abandoned pit bulls. "They are going to spend the rest of their lives being spoiled and loved." - Best Friends
  • The path to redemption for Katie Hopkins was there early on - but she chose to keep digging into the cess pit of extremism instead. Let her career serve as a warning to those seeking to make a living out of hate. The rest of us should now simply ignore her - Otto English
  • There's a chance PIT trots out the least talented group of skill players in the NFL Sunday. - Adam Levitan
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Star Dave Bautista Adopts Two 'Beautiful' Abandoned Pit Bulls - People
  • MSNBC hires Mueller pit bull Andrew Weissmann as a legal analyst, and immediately wins praise from Ari Melber as a legal "legend." - Chuck Ross
  • Rick Nicholls, who represents the riding of Chatham-Kent-Leamington, said he has long pushed various governments to repeal the "breed-specific legislation" introduced more than a decade ago. - Global Durham
  • Why didn’t they tell us MCU Phase Four would have shelter dogs??? Thank you, Drax the Destroyer — ooops, we mean Dave Bautista! — for adopting these two good doggos! #adoptpurelove - Shelter Pet Project
  • Saudi Arabia’s social revolution is real, even as it unfolds in parallel with growing political repression. My @WSJ Review essay from Riyadh, including footage from the mosh pit. - Yaroslav Trofimov
  • #firestephenmiller The stink arising out of his bottomless pit of self-loathing has endangered the lives and mental health of too many people, including crimes against humanity against migrant children. - socsqueez
  • Remember the last time a woman in her 20s was “walking in the woods” and killed by her two pit bulls? Social media claimed it was a “bear attack” or “murder.” No. Her two pit bulls ATE her. - DogsBite.org
  • Skip to comment section This is Ireland today. #antisemitism cess pit. #shame ⁦⁩ Extinction Rebellion hits at co-founder after he calls Holocaust 'just another f**kery in human history' ⁦@thejournal_ie⁩ ⁦@HET_Ireland⁩ - Irish Jewish Voice


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Stay Focused ❤️ Class starts at 9!😉 • • Make sure you check out the PIT Challenge (come to class four times a week for a month) to receive 20% off your next personal/bud...

Hola amigodis!! Como llevais la semana... Por aquí hoy hace un día horrible todo el rato lloviendo

Hola amigodis!! Como llevais la semana... Por aquí hoy hace un día horrible todo el rato lloviendo... Mi humana dice que es día de manta y pelis... asin que me pegaré el día a...

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2019.11.19 ✼••┈┈┈┈••✼••┈┈┈┈••✼ . 勉強垢始めました。 . 名前☞黯花 (Kuroka) 部活☞吹奏楽 Part☞ Clarinet ( B♭ , Bass ...