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  • "The Prime Minister arrived at a private London residence for a Christmas party held by Russian tycoon and owner of the Evening Standard Evgeny Lebedev". Helps to have friends in high places. - Hardeep Matharu
  • "He kept coming to places where I was, seeing me in a restaurant, taking me to a ballgame, taking me to a Knick game." Danny Aiello, who died Thursday, initially turned down his iconic role in #dotherightthing. But, Spike Lee was persistent - The Hollywood Reporter
  • Expand your horizons with these gorgeous spots that veer off the traditional tourist track. - Nat Geo Travel
  • “The killings took place mostly in places where the BJP had to put up a tough battle. Muslims were most vulnerable where the BJP had about 36% of the vote (in 1998), but where victory for the 2002 election was far from assured,” says Dhattiwala. - The Wire
  • Still wrapping my mind around thousands of Americans dying on 9/11 specifically because of imported Saudis and our response was two decades of American blood in places we’re still stuck.......while still importing and training Saudis. - Jesse Kelly
  • So, how was your decade, Mon Laferte? The Chilean singer-songwriter and Latin Grammy winner tells us about the people, places and things that shaped her 2010s - Rolling Stone
  • Mexican police department places order for 15 Tesla Cybertrucks to add to its arsenal - Daily Mail Online
  • Homebuilders aren't building homes for Millennials because the kind of homes we can afford are literally illegal to build in most places - dan reed, blake high school class of 2005
  • Hong Kong's Hang Seng index has been more sensitive to the Sino-American trade war than the territory's protests - The Economist
  • Now introducing #incsurgecities, the 50 best places in America for starting a business. We crunched the data on seven key indicators to help answer the age-old question: Where should you go next? - Inc.
  • odd. seems like someone is testing the resilience of places that have just been terrorized... - Anne Applebaum
  • Imagine representing Atlantic City, of all places, and thinking, "hmm, yes, I should definitely follow the lead of Donald Trump." - Kevin M. Kruse
  • THREAD: I'm reading the Afghanistan Papers tonight. Important but unsurprising. The attached excerpt reminded me of a story from my 2011 trip there where I saw up close how hopeless our over-reliance on military power is in faraway foreign places. - Chris Murphy
  • Sunsets remind us to pause, look up, and enjoy nature's show—here our readers recommend their favorites. - Nat Geo Travel
  • “There’s dead and dying things everywhere. Kangaroos dying and even foxes are dying. It’s one part of the climate crisis playing out across much of the country. A different year, similar story. Most places are drier than usual, warmer than usual. - Paul Dawson
  • Cities in the western U.S. that are dealing with growing homelessness are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that limits camping bans in public places. To tackle the crisis, cities say, they need tools to ensure safety. - NPR
  • As a member of Congress in 1994, I voted for the assault weapons ban. It cost my my seat. But it was the right thing to do then and it's the right thing to do now. Weapons of war should have no place in our streets, our schools, or our places of worship. - Jay Inslee
  • Last tweet, I'm amused to find myself in The Sun of all places, & that too a positive/sympathetic story from them re our issues with the awful @SouthwestAir flight attendant: - Mehdi Hasan
  • Bibliotherapy can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where “libraries were places to seek solace and healing, and to nurture ourselves through stories.” #library - SCIS


from another point of

from another point of "VIEW"... I shot this at Torna Fort. Torna Fort is located around 70 Km from Pune, At 1403 Meters it is the highest point in Pune. We climbed up during night...

When in doubt, get out and get a good night’s sleep. I’ve done that lots of times and the next d

When in doubt, get out and get a good night’s sleep. I’ve done that lots of times and the next day everything was clear… While you are in [the position], you can’t think. W...

🇯🇵 Shotengai is a style of Japanese commercial district that runs along a certain street. Olde

🇯🇵 Shotengai is a style of Japanese commercial district that runs along a certain street. Older shotengais were usually developed along roads leading to a large shrine or te...