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  • The reboot of Charlie's Angels is nothing less than pure popcorn joy. Our review: - IGN
  • If you’re a popcorn lover, you’re gonna wanna hear this. People who eat microwave popcorn have significantly higher levels of “forever chemicals” (PFAS) in their blood. These toxins have been linked to immune, thyroid, kidney and reproductive issues. - Earthjustice
  • CU RESEARCHER: (DEBUNKING FIVE VAPING MYTHS) 1) E-cigarettes ARE regulated. 2) Vaping is NOT as harmful as smoking. 3) Vaping does NOT cause 'popcorn lung.' 4) E-cigarettes DO help people quit smoking. 5) E-cigarettes are NOT a gateway to youth smoking. - CASAA
  • Ice up, son! You mad, bro? Get your popcorn ready. Some players have become known around the league for their skills and their talk. - NFL on ESPN
  • This Mom Learned A Valuable Lesson: Don't Leave Popcorn In Your Car With The Windows Down Near Cats - BuzzFeed
  • KFC is selling a huge 80 piece popcorn chicken bucket for under £6 - Mirror Money Saving
  • As Trump faces an impeachment inquiry, a key ally in conservative media has soured on him: @DRUDGE. "Impeachment is where Matt Drudge entered," a person close to Drudge told me. "This is a great story. And Drudge is breaking out the popcorn." - Oliver Darcy
  • Ever wonder why when you microwave popcorn the oil doesn't ooze out and the paper doesn't burst into flames? It's because of the same stuff that makes carpets stain resistant. It's linked to tons of health problems, and can stay in your body for 8 years. - Alex Whitcomb
  • "Oh, Carly, I see you got popcorn . . . what fun!” Carly Simon remembers going to the movies with Jackie Kennedy in 1992. - The New Yorker
  • Grab some popcorn - GQ Magazine
  • This is popcorn time for me. I love it when the @bcliberals try and take on Eby and end up with egg on their face, which is every time! #bcpoli - Will
  • The University of Michigan researched the most "addictive-like" foods in a study feat. 120 participants. Top 10? 1) Chocolate 2) Ice cream 3) French fries 4) Pizza 5) Cookie 6) Chips 7) Cake 8) Buttered popcorn 9) Cheeseburger 10) Muffin Notice anything? - Michael Joseph
  • Get the popcorn out, turn on the telly and tune in to the latest episode of Britain's smash-hit farce Carry On Down The Khazi...a column - Brian Reade
  • I wrote about @commvault's interesting new SaaS offering they've called Metallic: - Justin Warren ⬡
  • Add it to your calendar: 10am EST 9/13/19 - pipscott
  • BCCI v ICC: start getting yours popcorn ready - Osman Samiuddin
  • #countgiuliani says he's not complying with a congressional subpoena, adding “if they enforce it then we'll see what happens.” He's also fired his attorney - presumably because he brought up this little thing called the law. There ain't enough popcorn. - Hayden Black
  • Getcha Popcorn !Impeachment investigators slate open hearings for 8 more witnesses next week - Shocked Batman!
  • Gregg Jarrett: The Trump impeachment inquiry is already in big trouble. Here's who Democrats have to thank - Paul b