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  • For the past few months, I have dug into the world of the most violent white supremacists on the internet — and learned about an idea that connects the dots between murders and mass shootings around the world - Zack Beauchamp
  • #leejaewook Talks About His Rising Popularity, Why He Became An Actor, And More - Soompi
  • There's a simple idea in transit: run more frequent service, and riders will show up. The 14th St busway has already been a wild success—I can't wait to see just how much better it can get with more frequent service. Let's embrace this approach citywide. - Scott M. Stringer
  • We did a poll asking D.C. residents to name their favorite local sports team. And. Uh. - Dan Steinberg
  • More bus lanes --> faster buses --> more service for the same budget "As these buses continue to speed up, we can add more trips using existing equipment and the existing number of bus operators we use today." - TransitCenter
  • How an obscure ideology, “Accelerationism,” has fueled violent, far-right extremism—and the past year of mass shootings. - Bruce Hoffman
  • Redskins fall below Nats in new Post poll of D.C. residents' favorite Washington teams. "[F]rankly they’re just really bad, and I think that hurts people adopting them as their second team or their favorite team in a transient town.” - Scott Allen
  • The percentage of those who say they will definitely vote to reelect Trump is up 9 points, to 76%. #iowa #poll - The Washington Times
  • The 14th St. busway is the hottest ticket in town, and the MTA plans to sell more tickets to the show. - Clayton Guse
  • Confirming what most of us suspected: Greta Thunberg's popularity was astroturfed. - Ian Miles Cheong
  • A mayor with a modest lifestyle has won Russian hearts - The Economist
  • As CBD skyrockets in popularity, scientists scramble to understand how it’s metabolized - Scientific American
  • This article is really good. Please take some time and read it. The extremist philosophy that’s more violent than the alt-right and growing in popularity - JJ MacNab
  • As she and her sister gained popularity in Nigeria, they were outspoken about equality for women. “I will forever be the mouthpiece of those who are oppressed worldwide,” she said. - New York Times World
  • "It's important because you can help other people" More than 41 million people speak Spanish in the US, making it the most widely taught foreign language And it's increasing in popularity as a new language to learn [tap to expand] - BBC News (World)
  • Cryptocurriencies have grown in popularity. The IRS recently released updated guidance on the tax obligations of cryptocurrency users. Here’s what you need to know: #lovemyjob - Christina Soriano Gomez
  • #boris BUILDS MASSIVE WAR CHEST! Contributions 26 times as great as Labour! More than £5MM in first week, Russian oligarchs contribute, legal, they are Br nationals. Popularity of #boris is why money flooding in! WELL DONE PM! - angie
  • Accelerationism: the idea inspiring white supremacist killers around the world - Vox >> a disturbing but important #longread by ⁦@zackbeauchamp⁩ - Mehdi Hasan
  • “The Redskins’ highest support is among Washingtonians 65+ (22% say the Redskins are their favorite team) and support weakens with younger age groups // among those 40 to 64 years old, 11% among those 30 to 39 years old and only 6% among those 18 to 29.” - Josh Kraushaar