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  • 'Nothing but an honour': new Stormzy portrait hung in National Portrait Gallery - The Guardian
  • A rare portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sold for 4 million euros at Christie’s in Paris, rocketing past the auction house’s presale estimate of 800,000-1.2 million euros. - Al Arabiya English
  • The London Bridge attacker engaged in a long-term effort to con the British authorities. Before being released from jail last year, he took every opportunity to convince the authorities that he was a changed man. - New York Times World
  • GONE. CLEAR. - Will Adoasi
  • A series of tender, exacting black-and-white photographs captures the daily walks Julia and Paul Child took almost every day during their years in France. - The New Yorker
  • Céline Sciamma's "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" is "ardent and rigorous, passionate and philosophical." And it's a Critic's Pick. - New York Times Arts
  • Review: "The Two Popes" is a portrait of complicated friendship—with a dash of papal pizazz - TIME
  • How can you tell that someone has been deradicalized? The story of the London Bridge attacker shows that their own words to that effect are clearly not enough. This is relevant to those detained in Iraq & Syria, where often that’s all we have. - Rukmini Callimachi
  • "Sciamma has created nothing less than a timeless work of art." - @RollingStone #portraitmovie opens in New York & Los Angeles Tomorrow. - Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • A portrait of Baltimore civil rights advocate @deray is on display at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. through August 2020. - The Baltimore Sun
  • IDFA: Alison Klayman on Steve Bannon Portrait ‘The Brink’ - Variety
  • Damning. The perspectives from insiders and supporters here add up to a portrait of Warren as a politician of ambiguous conviction, prioritizing her own campaign over the broader political project, endlessly repositioning as new pressures come to bear - Meagan Day
  • "Parasite," "The Irishman," "Portrait of a Lady on Fire," and more: @davidlsims picks the best films of 2019. - The Atlantic
  • The London Bridge attack raises questions about why an extremist was allowed to travel unsupervised to London, and about Britain’s rehabilitation system as a whole - New York Times World
  • Dexter Filkins’ powerful portrait of Modi’s India is a must read, a cautionary tale about how liberalism can die - Vali Nasr
  • Marvin Miller's on a Baseball Hall of Fame ballot once more, but in the meantime, he's just been enshrined in a different institution: The National Portrait Gallery. On Miller's new portrait there, how it was chosen, and what it means. - Emma Baccellieri
  • "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" is primarily a romance, but it’s also a film about the deeply personal process of creativity, @davidlsims writes: - The Atlantic
  • A very low estimate of £150,000 for such a piece - Tom FT
  • "Portrait of a Killer, in His Own Words" by BY CEYLAN YEGINSU via NYT New York Times - LarryDavoll


2019년도 달력의 마지막장 12월 지금까지 11장을 열심히 찢은 흔적이 남아있

2019년도 달력의 마지막장 12월 지금까지 11장을 열심히 찢은 흔적이 남아있는 이 달력은 이제 곧 역사 속으로 사라질 것이다 나는 매년...