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  • 86% of young people say they want to post social media content for money - Taylor Lorenz
  • Every 15 minutes, one person in the US dies because of an infection that antibiotics can no longer treat effectively due to #antibioticresistance. That’s 35,000 deaths a year. - Vox
  • Trump is using government power to punish and intimidate independent media, right in front of our noses. - Jonathan Chait
  • Abuse of power can come in many forms. This story about Amazon and a huge Pentagon contract deserves much more attention than it is getting. An important read and share. - Dan Rather
  • #new: The Washington Post gives House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff three Pinocchios for his claim that the Ukraine whistleblower "has a statutory right to anonymity." - Jennifer Franco
  • That picture, from The Post's Matt McClain, is really terrific. - Philip Bump
  • JUST IN: Alphabet's Google said it will no longer allow election advertising to target voters based on political affiliation. Election ads will only be able to target users based on age, gender and location by postal code, the company said in a blog post. - Bloomberg
  • Post Malone Rents Out Hooters for Monday Morning Party - TMZ
  • Kathleen Kennedy says the post-Skywalker Saga #starwars films are challenging because 'there’s no source material ... [no] comic books ... [no] 800-page novels' to draw from (via @RollingStone | - Fandom
  • "Trump has turned the power of the state into a weapon of intimidation against the free press. The most dangerous and authoritarian act is hiding in plain sight." Tell Congress to #impeachtrump here: - Democratic Coalition
  • After objection that claim in article had been given three Pinocchios, referring to rating by Washington Post fact checker, Rep. Jackie Speier says, "Well, the president of the United States has five Pinocchios on a daily basis, so let's not go there." - ABC News
  • My new post: last month I wrote about the vexing dilemma of how to generate high-temperature heat for industrial processes — without CO2 emissions. Now a new startup with a clever twist on an old technology thinks it can do the job with sunlight & mirrors. - David Roberts
  • Outdated poverty data funneled millions to wealthy D.C. neighborhoods - Jonquilyn Hill
  • An Ohio farmer who left his post as chairman of a local Republican Party — in part over Trump’s agricultural policies and tariffs — is considering mounting a challenge to unseat treasonous GOP Rep. Jim Jordan. #resist - Democratic Coalition
  • [email protected] announced a second North American leg for his #runawaytour! See the full list of new dates - billboard
  • World View: “If we discourage students from inquiring into the real nature of scientific truths, or exploring how society shapes the questions that researchers ask, how can we prepare them to maintain public trust in science in our ‘post-truth’ world?” - nature
  • "I will shoot any woman any time for any reason," a man posted on Twitter. "Kill all women," he said in another post. "Prowling the Seattle streets for women to assault," he wrote in one. Police took 6 guns from his house. Then a judge gave them back. - Keith Boykin
  • The South China Morning Post is literally one of Hong Kong's biggest English-language newspaper and online news portal. Their site brings about 9 million views monthly. Slowly but surely, everyone. #challengethesystemformx7 #우리얘길_새로써 - let the haters bark ✨ MIMIE’S DAY
  • The U.S. is set to post the smallest agricultural trade surplus since 2006 - Bloomberg Markets




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