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  • Why won’t Labour fight for electoral reform? Transform the “political paralysis of recent years into a modern dynamic and optimistic democracy for the many, not the few. The countries that come closest to this ideal all achieved what they have through PR.” - Victoria Rance
  • India's image has made a steep fall in last 6 yrs; so much so that now we need to hire a lobbying firm to rebuild our image as it was during Dr Singh's tenure. Obviously, all those personal PR howdy prog have backfired and has FAILURE written all over. - TS Singh Deo
  • May the writer of this article life be full of joy and happiness. Thank you you filled my hart up with this article. Best birthday gift so far. Tiffany Haddish's 'Black Mitzvah' on Netflix proves she's a star - Tiffany Haddish
  • It will be interesting to see if this trial effects purchasing-hopefully this will be evaluated-not just for PR opp: Supermarket hopes to "nudge" young consumers towards healthy products by keeping calorie-heavy alternatives above their line of vision - Action On Sugar
  • We'll #getbrexitdone so we can move on & in 1st 100 days we'll: Cut taxes for workers Enshrine in law our £34 billion pr yr extra for NHS Legislate for funding increase to our schools Change law to end automatic release of serious offenders - CCHQ Press
  • The Trump administration responded to the Pensacola Naval Base terror attack by a Saudi military officer by running PR for Saudi Arabia. - Sarah Reese Jones
  • Letters: Boris Johnson's visit to London Bridge is pure PR. All he cares about is himself - The Independent
  • This has happened on your watch but thoughts are not for the dead, wounded or their relatives. All Johnson, Lewis, Priti Patel and co are thinking about is how badly this reflects on them and what to do to remedy their poor image. #londonbridge #gtto - BremainInSpain #FBPE
  • #にじさんじ 単独ライブイベント 『Virtual to LIVE in 両国国技館 2019』 #ニコ生 で生配信 12/8(日)17時~ ▼ネットチケット購入 - ニコニコ生放送【ニコ生公式】
  • Tonight’s Panorama is likely to do more damage to #princeandrew and the royals. The Queen and Charles only acted after it became bad PR, eight years after the initial accusations were made. Prince Andrew accuser asks public to 'stand beside her' - Republic
  • She already tried to steal millions from us for a PR film to get her name in magazines. Good work, Politico. #vainverma - Merce
  • 恐ろしいほど酒に合う “つまみになるポテトチップス”の究極系! 「麦とホップ」とコラボした「堅あげポテト 匠の香ばしにんにく味」が“ほぼ揚げにんにく”なクオリティ - ねとらぼ
  • Huawei’s toughest PR battle isn’t overseas, it’s at home - Quartz
  • Mia Farrow shares photo of Trump children with dead leopard after president signs anti-cruelty law - davide dessi
  • PR that Really Works - Christina Daves
  • While Trump makes a fool of himself at #nato talking about UK National Health Service, 900,000 U.S. citizens in PR face losing Medicaid. It has been 803 days since Puerto Rico had full power. - Denise Oliver-Velez
  • / ニコニコゲーム 公式Twitter #プレゼントキャンペーン 小さなゲームででっかく遊ぼう 第3弾 \ プレゼント 『メガドライブミニ W』を 抽選で1名様に 応募方法 @nicogame_PRをフォロー この投稿をRT ▼ゲーム生放送一覧はこちら - ニコニコゲーム公式@プレゼントキャンペーン実施中!!
  • “Content is king.” A great motto for the world of PR. I agree today PR is about emotions, and gaining attention from the audience. - Austin Helms
  • Trump's Medicare chief Seema Verma wants to cut benefits from millions of people. But she's spent millions of taxpayer dollars on her own PR, including $47,000 on lost jewelry while she was traveling for speeches. - Swing Left


. . FUJIMIのカスタマイズサプリをお試しさせていただきました🙌 . 無料の

. . FUJIMIのカスタマイズサプリをお試しさせていただきました🙌 . 無料の肌診断を受けると、 11種のサプリの中から自分の肌にあった5...

Christmas lights in Taipei🎄✨ どこもクリスマス仕様で可愛かった🥰 . けど!

Christmas lights in Taipei🎄✨ どこもクリスマス仕様で可愛かった🥰 . けど!! ほんとは新北市のイルミネーション見に行きたかったの!...

北欧デザインがお洒落な @sudio さまのワイヤレスイヤホンをプレゼントし

北欧デザインがお洒落な @sudio さまのワイヤレスイヤホンをプレゼントして頂きました🎧✨ . 手のひらにコロンとしたフォルムが可愛...

アウェイク プットオンアハッピーフェイス ティンティド モイスチュアラ

アウェイク プットオンアハッピーフェイス ティンティド モイスチュアライザー お試しさせていただきました❤️ 美容液 日焼け止...

. 応募させていただきます。 ご縁がありますように🌷🌿 . . recruit___official

. 応募させていただきます。 ご縁がありますように🌷🌿 . . recruit___official 【Creation Project 2019】 「ふろしき診断」キャンペーン実施...


Right before the race started I told myself I was going to give it everything I had. I needed to be

Right before the race started I told myself I was going to give it everything I had. I needed to be patient and positive. I knew there might be a time when it would feel like I cou...

クリスマスを前に、ブルトムのレザー財布をゲット😄 ブルトムの財布は

クリスマスを前に、ブルトムのレザー財布をゲット😄 ブルトムの財布は、タンニン槽で3週間かけてじっくり鞣された最高級のヌメ革...