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  • Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara says rule of law is "challenged" under Trump - CBS News
  • Nepotism and partisanship in the US civil service is reaching a crisis point | Preet Bharara - Preet Bharara
  • EXCLUSIVE: Preet Bharara says there's a "reasonable likelihood" Trump will get indicted after he leaves office - The Daily Beast
  • Preet Bharara: The fact that Mueller recorded his complaints in writing is significant @PreetBharara on @TheLeadCNN - Jake Tapper
  • Preet Bharara: Mueller report shows "potential" to prosecute Trump after he leaves office - The Hill
  • Preet Bharara talks Trump, impeachment inquiry and bringing podcast to Royal Oak - Detroit Free Press
  • Preet Bharara: Barr's excuse for not testifying to House "rhymes with snitty" - The Hill
  • George Conway helped the #presidentpinocchiostoplies hashtag trend on Twitter after Preet Bharara ― the former U.S. attorney who was fired by Trump in 2017 ― asked followers to identify Trump’s “most demonstrably provable intentional lie as POTUS.” - Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
  • This was when Volker was a director at Evercore. They ever get this sorted? Aw snap, it was PREET BHARARA prosecuting! - Eric Garland
  • Fired by Trump: former US attorney Preet Bharara on American justice – podcast - The Guardian
  • "You can either sit at home or go out and take a chance," says Preet, Ludhiana's first woman bike-taxi driver (report by Harvinder Kaur) - Hindustan Times
  • Preet Bharara says he considered surreptitiously recording Trump in early 2017 shortly after he assumed office because the government was in a "state of shock" at the time and "some people weren’t thinking fully rationally." Yep, sounds about right - Michael Tracey
  • Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara tells @ABC News there's still "plenty of evidence" for collusion. - ABC News
  • “The president says, ‘Guys, give Rex your pitch.’” WaPo matches reports about the Oval Office meeting with Trump’s pressure to kill the case of Giuliani’s client Reza Zarrab. Preet Bharara advises looking into the case “very carefully.” - Adam Klasfeld
  • Preet Bharara: Potential prosecution once Trump leaves office - Kenny_ANTI_gop
  • The Turkish GOVERNMENT went after the prosecutor and the judge in Zarrab’s case, Preet Bharara and Richard Berman. - Sara Danner Dukic
  • This Saturday, #dedepyaarde actors Ajay Devgn, Tabu and Rakul Preet will grace #thekapilsharmashow - Indian Express Entertainment
  • Preet Bharara on Trump's request: This is nuts @CNNPolitics - Kenny_ANTI_gop
  • We love Rakul Preet Singh's Simba sweatshirt! Also, can you guess its price? - TOI Lifestyle