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  • It's that time of year again -- Southern California travelers are on their way to see family and friends for Thanksgiving. But the glow of traffic on the freeways paints a not so pretty picture for those sitting in vehicles. - ABC News
  • Remember Christa Jones? She's the Census Bureau official who talked to Hofeller about adding a citizenship question in 2015. The DOJ just released a new batch of her emails that were "inadvertently not produced in discovery." They're pretty damning. - Mark Joseph Stern
  • Wow - Trump just denied sending Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine in his behalf. He tells Bill O’Reilly that to find out what Giuliani was doing in Ukraine, “you’d have to ask Rudy.” Notes Giuliani has a lot clients. Pretty sure I hear a bus, folks. - Christina Wilkie
  • Scarlett Johansson admits her response to the Rub & Tug backlash was 'tone-deaf'. Vanity Fair then points out her comments on Woody Allen are pretty tone-deaf too. - Emma Kelly
  • I thought this was a pretty interesting op-ed, particularly this simple advice: "Talk about health care, education and jobs." - Chris Hayes
  • Alanis Morissette announces a 2020 'Jagged Little Pill' anniversary tour with Liz Phair and Garbage — plus her first new album in eight years, 'Such Pretty Forks in the Road,' with new single "Reasons I Drink" - Rolling Stone
  • In theory, Thanksgiving is great: incredible food, a long weekend and time spent with people you love. But for those who live with eating disorders or food or body image issues, the holiday can actually be pretty triggering and fear-inducing. - HuffPost
  • 'Star Wars' star Daisy Ridley has a pretty brutal opinion on Baby Yoda and porgs - Mashable
  • The paradox of the Trump economy: overall growth has been pretty good, but the worst-performing parts of the economy are precisely the parts he tried to stimulate 1/ - Paul Krugman
  • Without drastic action, our planet is headed toward warming of 3.2 C in less than 100 years, according to a new report. "By now, we know all we need to know. The science is pretty clear, and very frightening." - CBC News
  • The Apple CEO manages to get away with pretty much anything he does—including his relationship with Donald Trump - VANITY FAIR
  • The fact that Bloomberg bought into debunked, right-wing talking points about the causes of the financial crisis says pretty terrible things about his judgment - Jordan Weissmann
  • An entirely preventable disease we had once pretty much defeated now back and on the rise even in industrialised countries primarily because of idiots spreading unscientific rubbish on the interwebz. A very 2019 tragedy. - Jerome Taylor
  • Pretty damn ashamed to be an American right now. - Blue Equus 💫🌎🌲🐾
  • This article includes some pretty damning allegations about state officials in Indiana reportedly letting Amazon get away with deadly health and safety issues to try to attract the company during the #hq2 process: - Tim Newman
  • Get a hold of this. Basically @bbcnews fact checked @NicolaSturgeon answers and they pretty much were all correct, although the BBC couldn't bring themselves to say that We now just need them to fact check @afneil & I doubt he'll get the same result - Garry Ⓥ
  • This is pretty horrifying - Jo Cox Foundation have told us this election “differs from previous elections” in level of real life abuse directed at people campaigning. Activists have had ribs cracked, been punched in the face, and called 'traitors' - Jess Brammar
  • PRETTY AWESOME: The legendary AL PACINO will join me — and the first 150 people who snag tickets — for a 90-minute conversation about his life and career on December 5th! Learn more and reserve your tickets here: - Scott Feinberg
  • Thank you New Zealand. It's pretty sad when NZ cares about us more than our own government does. #auspol - Catherine Perry.


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Veľké baby si k sviatku prajú kvety, prossecko a dokonalý cheesecake. A ja mam ten na mieru uši

Veľké baby si k sviatku prajú kvety, prossecko a dokonalý cheesecake. A ja mam ten na mieru ušitý uvarený pre mňa, presne tak, ako to vie len @bibs_tyson. Na želanie, čo ...