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  • Dreaming of a white Christmas? Pregnant woman and a pug owner are arrested as 80 people are charged i... #topbuzz - Sevein DeJesus
  • Oscar the pug has to collect a massive stick on every walk?? - ΜΑΡΙΑ ΚΟΛΛΙΑ
  • The rancid YouTuber who trained girlfriend's pet pug to give Nazi salutes has appeal rejected Markus Meechan, aka Count Dankula taught his girlfriend's pug to react to the words "gas the Jews" and other anti-semitic sentences was convicted of a hate crime - Marmite Marmz
  • Markus Meechan, aka Count Dankula who trained his girlfriend’s dog to do Nazi salutes and was convicted of a hate crime in a landmark legal case has had his appeal rejected by the Supreme Court - Marmite Marmz
  • Hello - Wowie Mcclaskey
  • Ever wonder how Doug the Pug became the most well known pet on Instagram and the star of a Fall Out Boy music video? Well now you don't have to... - Lava Surf
  • 'Nazi pug' man's appeal against hate crime conviction rejected. The fascists and the far right are being driven back into the shadows from whence they crawled after 2016. - Simon Gosden. Esq. #fbpe 🕷
  • Former UKIP candidate loses Supreme Court case & says he’s considering an appeal to the European Court. Hilarious. - Jon Bowen🕷
  • Pug owner demands dog-sitter tells her 'where you buried my babies' - emma
  • The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by a YouTuber convicted over a 'Nazi pug' video Count Dankula (Mark Meechan) was fined £800 for violating laws on grossly offensive material Judges said the application was "incompetent and without merit" - Lizzie Dearden
  • “He is loved by everybody he meets or who sees him on social media,” said Gené, 34, an illustrator in Ridgewood, Queens. “He is very laid-back.” The 7-year-old pug’s endearing quality inspired Gené to transform Mochi into a cartoon four years ago. - Vicki Day
  • ‘Absolutely’ no prospect of second referendum on Scottish independence, says ‘ pug faced’ Michael Gove | The Independent - @Camz99
  • Doug the Pug’s ‘Frozen’ Parody Swaps ‘Let It Go’ with ‘Chubby Pug’ — and It’s Adorable - Chura
  • using #dog clinical records for #research using #informatics...#americanpitbullterier #pugs are at lower risk for #heartdisease, #yorkies #shihtzu are at lower risk of and #anatolianshepherd #bullmastiffs are at higher risk of #bonecancer @UPennIBI - Mary Regina Boland
  • Count Dankula has 'incompetent' application to overturn Nazi pug video conviction rejected - The Independent
  • Man who trained pug to give Nazi salutes has Supreme Court appeal rejected - The Scotsman
  • Retrievers, beagles, poodles, and pugs lined up in the rain at Britain’s polling stations as thousands of voters brought their canine companions to take part in the general election. #dogsatpollingstations #generalelection2019 - Al Arabiya English
  • BBC News - Dogs at polling stations: Pooches at the polls - Anna Ivey
  • Scots 'Nazi pug' man admits court fight over hate crime conviction may be over after Supreme Court defeat - HeraldScotland




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*** . 日曜の午後☆ . 愛犬パンちゃんと 次女のお散歩 . パンちゃんは

*** . 日曜の午後☆ . 愛犬パンちゃんと 次女のお散歩 . パンちゃんは リードつけられるけど? . この人リードなしの ローラーシュ...


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Тяжелое утро, сложно подобрать слова. Тяжело осознать и принять. Только 2 недели назад я играл с тоб...