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  • Happy birthday, Allison Williams! See 13 of her cutest #puppylove Instagrams with dog Moxie: - InStyle
  • #russia gives #paris 'solidarity puppy' #puppylove #prayers4paris #ripdiesel - Christie
  • Honored, Thankful, & Excited to voice The Beagle Boys.. all 28 of them!! @DuckTales @DisneyXD #puppylove - Eric Bauza
  • Dogs leading the way for #cancer research, meet Abby: - Stephanie Stahl
  • The dogs found on 495 this morning are home! #puppylove - WBZ | CBS Boston News
  • Lola was pregnant & homeless at a high kill shelter in Mississippi. Her litter was due to be aborted until @GoRescue stepped in! She gave birth to 11 beautiful puppies on Christmas eve → - Rocky Kanaka
  • At 9 months Euphrates is over 6 feet tall and weighs over 180 pounds. And she's still growing! She is one HUGE pupper and may be the “World’s Biggest Puppy"! Read on to learn more: - DoggoPup Magazine
  • A new law aimed at cracking down on puppy farms in England is being presented to Parliament today. Known as Lucy's Law, it will ban the sale of both kittens and puppies from third parties from spring 2020. - Paul Godbold
  • Now Sting the Greyhound's schedule is... BOOKED! Minnesota therapy dog goes viral after nobody showed up to read to him - - First Book
  • Meet 7 yr old Leeland and watch his new friendship with puppy Knox. This sweet little boy needs a family. He deserves a shot at complete happiness - Britt Moreno
  • LISTEN: And they call it #puppylove...my @SheffieldStar chat with Donny Osmond - Graham Walker
  • Life is better with a puppy by your side! #puppy #puppylove #dog #dogs #puppymama #pawssion #furbaby #bybf #pet #luv - Puppy Mama
  • #nevertrump is funny because they come at me with the assumption I’m emotionally tied to Trump. I’m not. They fall in puppylove with their candidates. I’ve said this a thousand times, my vote was transactional. - Chris Stigall
  • #puppylove Second video of my cloned puppy #chance moments after birth. - Dylan Dog
  • Dog-Obsessed Facebook Group Creates Foundation to Save Dogs Ahead of Natural Disasters - 🐶🐾💞All About Dawgs💞🐕
  • #dog returned home after being trapped in rubble from #rain in #japan - David Webb
  • Meet #narwhal, the #unicornpuppy who took over the internet and win the hearts of thousands of fur parents. #wepayfast #dog #dogs #doglovers #puppylove - We Pay Fast
  • Flashback: Newshounds! Dogs have long graced the Tribune’s pages #dogsoftwitter #puppylove - Lara Weber
  • All I'm saying is this real live...We-Don't-Know... is adorable! #itsarex #puppylove #rexthewedontknow - Heather Macht


¡Buenos días amiguitaos! 🐾 Los humanos están locos esta semana porque tienen mucho curro y ade

¡Buenos días amiguitaos! 🐾 Los humanos están locos esta semana porque tienen mucho curro y además, están planeando una miniescapada este finde para acabar bien el año. Ya...