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  • Now it Begins This outrage is just the first of hundreds of similar horror stories that will begin this month on a daily basis as Albany’s critically flawed bail reform package starts to take effect. - Bill Bratton
  • The hounds are punished , whipped and ultimately killed if deemed unsuitable for the hunt . One ex-hunter claimed , “I have been told of pups with any kind of ­disfigurement having their heads dashed against the kennel floor. They die instantly." - Chris Packham
  • Research confirming what we know to be true! In our Paws 4 Stories program, therapy dogs visit libraries across the province to comfort children who are struggling or just learning how to read. Both the kids & pups benefit from a good story! - St. John Ambulance
  • Spreading the news about KW. RT @AnnietheSmooth: Today's good news... let's hear it for pawsome people pups! - Photechographer
  • accounts go by names like Pups for Pete, Pete Buttigifs (short looping clips of Buttigieg being relatable) and, strangely for a social network, Introverts for Pete. Political Twitter is unhappy with Pete Buttigieg — Does anyone care? #teampete - Mennos 4 Pete
  • awww, bless - bethany bull
  • Border Collie Pups Mistake Mailbox for Cow as They Hilariously Try to Round it Up - Tata
  • Funny moment golden retriever pees on pups - Steps 4 Success
  • The weekends are for sleeping in! Are you still in bed scrolling through your feed? We don't judge! Here are some festive pups you can fawn over instead of getting out of bed! - City of Corinth
  • Stop #animalcruelty 27 Injured Pups Found in Man’s Backyard for Dog Fighting, Now Faces 135 Years in Jail - Onyeabo
  • Thanks @NYGovCuomo and @nydems for allowing these disgusting people to be freed without bail. #iloveny - Dr. Trymm
  • Three men accused of abusing pit bulls, training them for blood sport and entering them in illegal dog fights were freed without bail. A new state law that takes full effect Jan. 1 prevented prosecutors from asking for bail or electronic monitoring. - New York Daily News
  • Uh, our office pups would kill for something on the level of the plant-based burgers we've tried - Ars Technica
  • Adopt healthy Indie pups, kittens this weekend - Himanshu Painuly
  • A pair of border collie pups in training hilariously mistook a mailbox for a cow at a lodge in New South Wales recently #toocute - Texas Agriculture
  • Faced with bringing their dog to the co-op board interview, buyers have turned to dressing up their pups in formalwear, exhausting them with long walks and even slipping them a Xanax to make sure they don't misbehave during the moment of truth. - Katherine Clarke
  • Manx Wildlife Trust seek 'seal sitters' to protect pups - SealScotland
  • When you have 12 hungry pups to feed, sometimes you just need a break. - Nature on PBS
  • Couple rescues puppies living inside sheep carcass on Utah mountain "The pups were cold, shivering and wet and just a little ball of ice,” Kat Perry said. - Top U.S. & World News🗽




Say hi to Arthur! 🐾👋 He, Tommy, and Polly are all looking for forever homes in December! ❤

Say hi to Arthur! 🐾👋 He, Tommy, and Polly are all looking for forever homes in December! ❤️ :) • :) • 🐾❤️🐾 • Tag us who needs some puppy love in their lif...