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  • Why is Alex Trebek wearing purple ribbon on ‘Jeopardy!’? To honor Kansas City teacher. - Dana Wright
  • A "tenuous grip" indeed. The outcome of State Legislative elections in 2020 will determine our country's political future for the next DECADE. We are on the cusp of flipping chambers in AZ, FL, MI, NC, PA, WI, MN, IA and more. Organize. Register. Vote. - TrumpsTaxes
  • AEC lawyer says purple Chinese-language signs did not influence Frydenberg, Liu election wins - ABC News
  • This Vietnam War veteran had no clue he earned a Purple Heart – until it was hand-delivered to him nearly 50 years later. Still, he's humble and praises other veterans as the real heroes - CBS News
  • Trump wants to present Purple Heart to Conan for ISIS raid - Will Langan
  • The GOP controls 59 state legislative chambers, compared to 39 for Democrats. Since 2010, the GOP has controlled no fewer than 56. But 2020 is a potential turning point: for the first time in a decade, Democrats could end the GOP’s hold in the states. - Flippable
  • When Spring beckons, the thousands of Jacaranda trees that dot Pretorian avenues help the city turn over a new colour. - The Hindu
  • Some shocking experiences of disabled people. So this is a welcome move. Blackpool Tower turns purple as part of campaign to improve disability access - Elaine Willcox
  • Trump wants to award Purple Heart to dog Conan injured in al-Baghdadi mission - New York Post
  • Fox News legal analyst calls ambassadors, Purple Heart recipient and NSC official "opinion witnesses" in Trump impeachment inquiry - Newsweek
  • “Buttigieg’s apparent recalculation away from progressive policies like [M4A] has led some to question the sincerity of his campaign promises. One rally attendee described the mayor as ‘kind of smarmy’ and suggested he tone down his ‘salesman’ persona.” - Abolish the Filibuster!
  • A young Marine corporal took a moment to speak with Sargent Michael Sulsona, a Vietnam War veteran and recipient of a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, before yesterday's Veterans Day Parade in New York City. - ABC News
  • He implied the same about U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who served in combat in Iraq and was awarded the Purple Heart. Oddly, there also appeared to be a coordinated smear campaign claiming Vindman is a spy, with no evidence. - Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈
  • Are the people running the AEC corrupt or just plain stupid? There's something VERY WRONG going on here. AEC dismisses impact of purple Chinese-language signs on election of Josh Frydenberg and Gladys Liu - Father Ted
  • Dressed in an inflatable purple pony suit with a golden horn, protester Forrest Gilmore was removed from the market by two police officers, each gripping one of his purple hooves - The Daily Beast
  • Ancient Greek settlement with purple-producing shells and carved fish tanks discovered on tiny island - Newsweek
  • Deepak Chahar has hit a purple patch, follows his record-breaking performance v Bangladesh with another T20 triple in three legal deliveries in the #syedmushtaqalitrophy - ESPNcricinfo
  • Tae explained to ARMY that the color PURPLEwas a hue of LOVE. "Do u know wot purple means? Purple is the last color of the. Purple means I will TRUST & LOVE u for a long time." That was 3 yrs ago today. Happy #ipurpleyouday @BTS_twt & ARMYS!보라해! - 🌿 I'm part of the 0.01%
  • 'Purple Tuesday' to help Guernsey businesses become more accessible. - ITV News Channel TV


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