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  • Drake called 'creepy' after 17-year-old Billie Eilish reveals rapper texts her - The Independent
  • Drill rapper among three stabbed to death in London - The Independent
  • Miami rapper Trick Daddy’s donk goes up in smoke - Robert Smith
  • Kanye West: Nebuchadnezzar review – rapper's first opera is a giant folly - Jennifer H Hawkins
  • Final album for slain rapper XXXTentacion drops in Miami. - ABC News
  • Virginity testing is unethical, misogynistic and can cause real trauma for young women. The World Health Organization has already declared that this practice isn’t rooted in medical truth—it’s time we put a stop to it. - NARAL
  • Ms Banks: The Coldest Winter Ever Pt 2 review – rising rapper has summery bounce - Guardian culture
  • "John River told CTV News that he went to the emergency room five times before doctors took him seriously and on that fifth visit, they gave him a spinal tap to test for meningitis." but our bro recovered and is sharing his story - here for dafonte
  • New York lawmakers are considering banning doctors from performing so-called virginity testing, after outrage followed the rapper T.I. saying he takes his daughter to see a gynecologist every year to ensure that her hymen is still intact - The New York Times
  • "I try and think about the fact that I worked my entire life to be in this position." - Fast Company
  • South African rapper @akaworldwide is holding a special concert to help young people pay for university. - BBC News Africa
  • Could you write a song about your pet? This little girl wrote a rap about her hamster "Fluffy." Now that's some love! - Kelley's Pets
  • "Rapper French Montana released from ICU after nine days" via FOX NEWS - Doveish
  • New York lawmakers consider bill to end virginity tests after rapper T.I.'s controversial remarks about daughter - TIME
  • Rapper, dancer and entrepreneur Jay Park performs at the Showbox SoDo on Sunday, with Seattle fans eagerly awaiting his hometown show. - The Seattle Times
  • While the US and parts of Europe falsely smear the democratically elected leftist governments in Venezuela and Nicaragua as "dictatorships," the Western-backed dictatorship in Morocco just imprisoned a rapper for a viral video criticizing the monarchy - Ben Norton
  • New York could bar doctors from performing so-called virginity tests under legislation prompted by the rapper T.I.’s controversial claim that he has a gynecologist check his daughter’s hymen annually. - PBS NewsHour
  • George the Poet: ‘If I accepted an MBE, what would my descendants think?’ The poet, rapper and podcaster says he rejected an MBE as the British Empire’s actions were pure evil - Socialist Voice 🌐
  • Chancelor Bennett put family first—and it turns out he’s not missing much at all. - Fast Company


2/19/20‼️ . . My goal is to reach as many people by the prior date, sharing this video with frie

2/19/20‼️ . . My goal is to reach as many people by the prior date, sharing this video with friends is much appreciated 🙏🏽 striving to build up this fan base and deliver...



19.12.19 | 6UISSE 🇨🇦🇨🇭 . let me reintroduce myself as AJITH KANES on the 19th of decembe

19.12.19 | 6UISSE 🇨🇦🇨🇭 . let me reintroduce myself as AJITH KANES on the 19th of december 2019. this track was done very spontaneously when @3ssay_ told me he was gonna...