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  • President Trump inherited his fortune through "dubious tax schemes, including instances of outright fraud." Neither the current Ukraine evidence nor the president's own record supports the assertion that he is some kind of anti-corruption crusader. - Rep. Val Demings
  • The perfect red lipstick! The legendary skin elixir! The world’s most famous hair brush! - Vogue Magazine
  • Virginia Sheriff Promises To Deputize Thousands If Red Flag Laws Are Passed. - Daily Caller
  • #usmca update: Mexico has accepted the U.S. proposal for 70% of steel for cars to originate in N. America -- as long as that takes effect after at least 5 years. Aluminum is a hard "no." And U.S. labor inspectors? Forget you even asked. My story today - Eric Martin
  • In the Red corner: Stormzy, Neville Southall, Noam Chomsky, Rob Delaney, Danny Devito, Maxine Peake, Lily Allen, Miriam Margoyles, Steve Coogan, Dua Lipa, Guz Khan, In the Blue corner: Tommy Robinson, Alan Sugar and Katie Hopkins - Anita🌹 VoteLabour 🌹 K
  • Kelly Ripa and Daughter Lola Are the Chicest Mother-Daughter Duo in Mini Dresses at CNN Gala - People
  • First Red Flag Conviction In Florida After Man Refuses To Give Up His Guns - The Daily Wire
  • Several thousand people attended a rally at #kyiv's Independence Square to demand adherence to what they call “Red Lines” for the Dec. 9 Normandy Format meeting. - Kyiv Post
  • Red Ted does Putin’s bidding because Red Ted got in bed with one of Putin’s vectors of attack on our nation. - K. Louise Neufeld
  • Our new paper is out. We describe the succession of micro variants within viral populations and its facilitation of long term coexistence. - Cesar Ignacio Espinoza
  • Boo the red kangaroo took on Eastern grey Barnie at a wildlife shelter in New South Wales, where a staff member assured that the encounter was friendly, not aggressive. - ABC News
  • New Zealand's glaciers are turning red — and it's because of Australia's bushfires - CNN International
  • Twenty-five Australians, including a newlywed couple from Brisbane, have been listed as missing after the White Island volcanic eruption. Here is the full list of missing Australians. - news.com.au
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, #postmalone and #billieeilish will headline next year's Hangout Music Festival - billboard
  • Governments should always be open to pursue new priorities when they arise. There is an urgent need for Germany’s Grand Coalition to reprioritize — on climate change, digital infrastructure and tax breaks for companies and investment. - Marcel Fratzscher
  • Red Sox have interest in a reunion with Rick Porcello, per source Story: - Jason Mastrodonato
  • Red Sox have video evidence that Yankees used YES camera to steal signs. - John Alexander
  • The Heroes look amazing on the red carpet. We are just minutes away from CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute. Who will be #cnnherooftheyear? Follow along live: - CNN Heroes
  • Uganda floods: At least 16 people dead, Red Cross says - BBC News (World)




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