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  • 11,000 people watched the KSI vs Logan Paul fight through this guys glasses... - SPORTbible
  • “As for Cherry, I don’t believe his intention was racist. It was a reflection of his anger at the dying tradition of people wearing a poppy leading up to Remembrance Day every year on Nov. 11, this year being the 100th anniversary… - Tarek Fatah
  • Important reflection on the Kavanaugh nomination. - Sheldon Whitehouse
  • Antonio Banderas talks about his new project: "I bought a theater. I found the most romantic way to ruin myself. We are going to open with an American musical, 'A Chorus Line,' a reflection of actors from the inside that doesn’t put the focus on the stars" - Variety
  • The Queen captured in a moment of quiet reflection on Remembrance Sunday, and other moments during the ceremony at the Cenotaph today. Pictures by Richard Pohle - The Times
  • Google is being investigated by Congress, state attorneys general, and federal antitrust regulators, a reflection of growing alarm over a conglomerate whose dominant market share is built on unrivaled access to personal data. Then it bought Fitbit. - WIRED
  • This #bristol pub landlord is trivialising Remembrance Sunday be refusing to serve people not wearing red poppies. Remembrance surely involves personal choice and reflection, not wearing something so that you can get served in the pub. - Peace Pledge Union
  • A statement in this article just made it all sink in. Garth Brooks has won as many EOTY awards as there are women who have won it. That is really a horrible reflection on the state of country music that they are still stuck in the 90s. - Stacey Clark
  • Not much reflection from Evo after he resigns in wake of electoral monitors outlining fraud Oct. 20 election (meaning he stole it). He calls it all a coup in comments on TV and says, “My sin is to be a labor leader, it is to be indigenous.” - Juan Forero
  • Anger mounts among protesters in Lebanon after a 38-year-old father was shot dead by a Lebanese soldier, a reflection of the deepening political and economic crisis the tiny country faces. - AP Middle East
  • Wednesday’s impeachment hearing is a reminder that the internet isn’t just a reflection of society — increasingly, it’s being used by the powerful to shape our perceptions of reality: - Brian Fung
  • To what extent is fake news stoking violence & anger in Hong Kong? Rumours & disinformation clearly don't help. But aren't the underlying political causes driving this? Spread of fake news seems to me more a reflection of divides in HK than the cause - Ben Bland
  • This piece from @bbc and @adamfleming is sad reflection of how press is too easy on EU. Tough questionning not part of culture in Brussels, journalists fearful of losing access and privilege. But EU needs to improve, and journos must lead that fight.. - James Holland
  • It is too easy to forget that the European Union is primarily a project of unification & a phenomenally successful peace project. My reflection on the 30 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall & the challenges ahead of us. #berlinwall30 - Dacian Cioloş
  • I was sure this had to be an article from the Onion. I was wrong. I swear that woman has less powers of self reflection than a vampire. - 🌹 Progressive Pat 🌹
  • It is a good plan. It’s also a reflection on the Sanders campaign listening to policy orgs. To position this as him always being right is disingenuous. “Most strikingly, it represents a shift in some of Sanders’s past positions on immigration...” - 🖤 Black Womxn 🖤
  • No matter if you #deleteuber, the better option would be to remove @dkhos from his position as CEO of @Uber. His thoughts regarding the murder of #jamalkhashoggi were horrific at best. Is he a reflection of the @Uber #investors? Let's all ask them. - Rideshare Truth
  • Excellent reflection on the current political discourse and historical parallels by ⁦@chakrabortty⁩. Inequality keeps the balance of power tipped towards capitalists, and the realistic prospect of truly progressive policies frightens the status quo. - Dr Hanna Szymborska
  • What is VE Day? VE Day marked the end of fighting in Europe towards the end of WWII, but was also a moment of reflection, as millions of people had lost their lives or loved ones in the conflict. Piccadilly Circus photo by Sgt. James A. Spence. #veday75 - veday75official


🌼 I'm an introvert to one, extrovert to another. Quiet to some, loud to others. Dominant to one,

🌼 I'm an introvert to one, extrovert to another. Quiet to some, loud to others. Dominant to one, reserved to another. Sentimental to one, cold to another. I am different to diff...

When you change the the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. • Walking thro

When you change the the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. • Walking through ‚Your spiral view‘ from Olafur Eliasson was an absolutely new inspiratio...


Этот год постепенно подходит к концу. Он научил меня, к

Этот год постепенно подходит к концу. Он научил меня, как чинить собственное сердце, как собирать с...