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  • #marriagestory spoilers in this clip: Charlize Theron asks Adam Driver about that scene where he gives "the ugliest emotional punch": "It's completely relatable. We can all relate to that, right? And the shame after we say that" - Variety
  • Corrie’s Alan Halsall says ‘relatable’ Andy Whyment is the perfect I’m A Celebrity winner - Manchester News MEN
  • The Irish Times comes in late with its #threelittletruths review, but it comes in swinging. “Relatable, contemporary and exceptionally witty.” Happy weekend to me! #threelittletruths - Eithne Snowball
  • Lovely new interview with @SarahTheDuchess Such a wonderful and inspiring lady, but first of all... a really relatable and down to earth woman - Lilly
  • Not every entrepreneur is a twentysomething developer living in Silicon Valley. #success - Justin Gesso
  • This is an interesting article in the context of interviewing. I think candor, insight and ownership for those things that were in your control can “humanize the sharer by making them seem more approachable and relatable in the workplace.” - Headhuntress
  • "The worst that one Frankfurt School theorist could say of another was that his work was insufficiently dialectical. In 1938, Adorno said it of Benjamin, who fell into a months-long depression." relatable - Alex Press
  • ah yes, a money diary from a relatable millennial peer, how refreshing - annie black
  • since the little lady brought it up during this impeachment joke with a rehearsed joke of her own - a little read with some relatable history on kings & barons...”So this is not an attempt to merely remove President Trump by deliberate misdefinition of... - James January
  • How to market a colour by @pantone - Mohit Hira
  • Sound familiar??? - Pet Wants Franchise Opportunities
  • “Nikita Walia, a creative strategist and the founder of Blank, a social-media consultancy, says that practically every brand she works with requests ‘hella relatable memes.’” - Dan McQuade
  • Jennifer Aniston's Reaction to a Photo of Courteney Cox's Daughter 15 Is So Relatable - A Beauty Feature
  • Someone’s been stealing her shoes from Freeman Hardy Willis - Gary Boyle
  • Mardaani 2 review: Rani Mukerji film is relatable but comes with a dangerous message Senior web editor Madhavi Pothukuchi @Madhavi_047 reports ThePrint #atthemovies - ThePrint
  • Omg! It was a huge meme going around a couple months ago - Brendan
  • Pantone Declares Another Year of Blue, "Classic Blue “provides a refuge,” according to Pantone, fulfilling a “desire for a dependable, stable foundation.” Classic Blue is “nonaggressive,” “easily relatable” and “honest.” - Allison DailyOutfit
  • Why this generation needs more (relatable) entrepreneurial role models: - Sophia Bera, CFP®
  • some corporations’ social media include posts that don’t necessarily have to do with their products. @amandamull looks at how some companies appropriate jokes (without always giving proper credit to their creator) in hopes of appearing more “relatable” - elisa tate