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  • India's Efforts Reap Rewards: United Nations General Assembly designates May 21 as #internationalteaday From ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ to relaxing after a day’s work, tea is intrinsic to every Indian’s life. Now, the goodness of tea will be recognised globally - Piyush Goyal
  • The Japanese macaques in Jigokudani Monkey Park begin most days with a relaxing dip in their own private hot tub - CNN
  • Nigerian students attending a sports tournament in Croatia were looking forward to a relaxing and carefree trip. In the end, it was anything but. - DW News
  • Being busy is part of life. But, whether gardening, reading or relaxing on the sofa, taking time to rest - without guilt - is just as important - Action for Happiness
  • In my TV column today, I enjoy a relaxing ride with a vet and a Time Lord. Nice and slow. - Victoria Coren Mitchell
  • Pantone Color of the Year "Classic Blue" is the relaxing hue we deserve - VANITY FAIR
  • Sure, Jokowi, relax budget rules. But mind how you go. My column explains the opportunity and challenge behind relaxing deficit constraints - Daniel Moss
  • Indonesia’s cabinet is discussing amending its fiscal deficit cap, which would allow the government to spend and borrow more to stimulate growth - Bloomberg
  • Letter: Will relaxing our state aid rules distort competition? - Financial Times
  • 【12/21, 22は】Sunshine See May -Bebo Relaxing / Chill out Remix- (short.ver)【デレンジツアー】 - べぼ
  • Hmmmm ok yes relaxing evening - John
  • 10: Toyota Camry – Relaxing, refined and will out-live the Rock of Gibraltar - The Irish Times - 速報!!トヨタ自動車ニュース
  • Listening to @TodaySOR now about this story. The description of the "Discharge Lounge" cracked me up! Have been in that so-called lounge. Relaxing? hahahaha! No, this contest is unethical and wrong. Stop making excuses. - Tracy 💜 🇮🇪 🇳🇴
  • BBC News - Isle of Man considers relaxing work permit laws to fill vacancies - elizasoul78
  • We enjoyed this article about experiencing a silent retreat "...the point is not to lose yourself, which is more relaxing, but to find yourself, and that was harder work in a good way.” . - recharj
  • 1/2 Military Injustice. Congress is considering relaxing the so-called Feres doctrine so that U.S. military personnel can sue for medical malpractice, via @David_Philipps. - Mark Thompson
  • 20 relaxing things you can do on a Disney World vacation outside of the parks - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • Unlike the vast majority of competitors Konta has the luxury of walking through her own front door each night, in south London, and then relaxing in whichever way she pleases. - ⚽️Freebigbets
  • Can I suggest that anyone in need of emergency nerve calming should listen to this gloriously relaxing Christmas choral mix. #bbcsounds - Victoria Scott