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  • We're in a housing crisis & need to act. That's why next week's Council vote on new rental initiatives is critical. Rental-only zoning to help lower rent 4 story rentals near parks Incentives that encourage rental not condo Read more: - Kennedy Stewart
  • Fab article by @CharlotteCGill on yet another way in which Tories are receiving intolerance - Olivia Lever
  • Today is recognized as National Housing Day, a response to what has long and been widely recognized as a dire need for more affordable housing. This study by ACTO gives a solid look at what members of their duty counsel program are seeing at the LTB. - Emily Mathieu
  • Can algorithms make tenant screening a fairer process? Companies say yes; critics raise red flags - The Wall Street Journal
  • Great news! After years of delays and a combative challenge, Toronto's short-term rental by-law is upheld by LPAT. AirBnB is finally going to get reigned in. During a housing crisis, this decision will put 5000+ long-term rental homes back on the market. - Kristyn Wong-Tam
  • Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti Rental Home Burglarized, Jewelry Stolen - TMZ
  • "The Facebook account rental scheme run by Ads Inc. is by far the largest of its kind ever exposed... & one of the largest-ever subscription traps in the US... a reminder of how Facebook’s powerful ad tools revolutionized scamming," says @CraigSilverman. - DuckDuckGo
  • The laws of supply and demand are immutable. Greater Vancouver needs more rental housing whatever the NIMBYs say. This requires political leadership. - Patrick Muncaster
  • #vancouver's council to consider changes to make it easier to build 6-storey rental buildings on arterials... AND, perhaps more noteworthy: to allow 4-storey apartment buildings on many side streets OFF arterials -- those areas shown in green in this map: - Dan Fumano
  • Big news, especially since housing came up in the #demdebate. @IlhanMN is proposing a $1.2 trillion to build new federally-owned rental units as part of a wave of Green New Deal bills on housing. "This is one issue that unites us all," Omar told me. - Alexander Kaufman
  • Housing is a human right. Every American deserves access to safe and affordable housing. Thank you @IlhanMN for introducing the #homesforall Act, which will build 12 million new public housing and affordable rental units to end our housing crisis. - BoldProgressives.org
  • Important story from @mathieuStar: Data says Toronto tenants are at increased risk of losing their rental #housing through no fault of their own, pushed out by landlords seeking to renovate or reclaim properties. Province urged to take action to stop it. - David Rider
  • Canada’s rental costs rising, adding to affordability woes. Rental cost inflation at 3 decade high. - Dan Vieira 🔥
  • Corbyn’s manifesto would hurt the very people it purports to help. It would mean less tax from the rich, fewer student places and a chronic shortage of rental property. My take, in the Daily Telegraph: - Fraser Nelson
  • My investigation for ⁦@Telegraph⁩ in which I discover a sinister trend in the rental market, where some households have been vetting potential tenants for their political views. Brexiteers and Tories are being routinely warned away. - Charlotte Gill
  • Eviction orders from landlords claiming personal use: up 84%. Eviction orders for demolition/conversion: up 294%. This is what an affordable #housingcrisis looks like. #onpoli #topoli - Jessica Bell
  • Many foreign buyers use UK property to hide dirty money or dominate private rental market. This affects EVERYONE not on the housing ladder, hiking up rents making first time buying impossible. A 3% increase in stamp duty on foreign buyers DOES NOT CUT IT. - Alexandra Phillips MEP
  • Businesses that rely on renting homes, leasing cars, and streaming music or movies are largely untested in an economic downturn - Real Time Economics
  • Dan Fumano: Developers skeptical proposed rental-boosting policies would get much uptake - The Vancouver Sun


Finally built up and ready to ride. This is a Frankenstein build with a bunch of random and cool par

Finally built up and ready to ride. This is a Frankenstein build with a bunch of random and cool parts. Medium Ibis Ripmo AF, Cane Creek Helm coil forks 160mm, DVO Topaz air, Bike ...