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  • Pope Francis’ personal almsgiver has returned to Rome from the Greek island of Lesbos with 33 asylum-seekers, offering several displaced families the chance to build new lives in Italy. - HuffPost
  • Representatives from the Archdiocese of Baltimore gave a Ravens’ No. 8 jersey to Pope Francis during a visit in Rome on Tuesday. The jersey has "Francis" on the back of it and was autographed by coach John Harbaugh and Jackson, the NFL MVP frontrunner. - Adam Schefter
  • Villas, porticoes and ships in ancient Rome were built using timber from forests in France - Daily Mail Online
  • Giuliani has replaced Parnas & Fruman’s translation skills with an app he downloaded that lets him to read Russian documents by holding his phone over them. But he says he still missed him on his trip last week, which included stops in Vienna and Rome. - Rebecca Ballhaus
  • The Trumpers are furious. There’s a Christian named Francis in the Vatican reading radical literature attributed to four subversives named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Far right “Catholics” have deployed Steve Bannon to Rome to deal with the situation. - Richard W. Painter
  • Baltimore Ravens gift Pope Francis signed custom No. 8 jersey in Archbishop's visit to Rome - Alizee
  • Bella Hadid Attends the Bvlgari – B.ZERO1 XX Anniversary Global Launch Event in Rome 02/19/2019 - Bella Hadid fans
  • Serena Rossi at the 62nd Annual David Di Donatello Awards in Rome - Celebs in bikini
  • Some planks from ancient Rome started life in eastern France - The Economist
  • It's great but it's not really a solution - Charlie Phillips
  • Denise Richards did NOT want to vacation with her #rhobh co-stars in Rome, an insider tells us. Here's why! - HollywoodLife
  • Happy 103rd birthday to #kirkdouglas. Let's remember today the many great characters he created! My favorite line of his (written by Dalton Trumbo) from SPARTACUS: "When one man says 'No, I won't,' Rome begins to fear." True, that. All hail Kirk! - Irv O. Neil
  • Nero fiddled when Rome burned down: - Brijesh Kalappa
  • Nothing can top Mangy, Rome's pathetic 2017 Christmas tree, but this is pretttttttty great. Absolutely dying over “It’s a present from Norway, and it’s dead.” - Jolie Kerr
  • Daniel Craig with Monica Bellucci, Christoph Waltz and Sam Mendes at Spectre Rome Premiere and Photocall - Celebs News
  • Terrence Malick's historical drama #ahiddenlife on Wednesday received a rare screening at the Vatican in Rome - The Hollywood Reporter
  • Pope Francis Brings 33 Refugees To Rome - UrbanNewz - Religion
  • Rome’s timber trade: planks from ancient Rome started life in eastern France. Wood buildings can last a long time - Michael Goergen



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