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  • Love when Uturns & lies are so exposed. In a single year PTI gov have “added Rs7.6 trillion to public debt” - just to put that figure in perspective ”The PPP added Rs6 trillion to the debt in FIVE years” #goselectiongo - Bakhtawar B-Zardari
  • Consul General in Karachi: Chinese government awarded Rs6 million more the heirs of policemen, bringing total amount thus far to Rs12 million. People are collecting donation through a campaign voluntarily as they highly appreciated Sindh police. @CathayPak - Lijian Zhao 赵立坚
  • You can now buy Prince Harry's old Audi RS6 wagon for $93,000 - Business Insider
  • Revenues may drop Rs6.8b as government amends finance bill. #minibudget - SherryRehman’sTeam
  • FC officials contacted a family&demanded Rs6.8 million4 release of a abductee. #retdjavediqbal - Sher Mohammad Bugti
  • Rahul Gandhi’s Congress spent Rs6.8 lakh on two tweets - Quartz
  • #taleemdushmantabdeeli | If this is the so called education emergency of PTI then one can only pity the state of affairs of education in that province. Rs6 billion of textbook board's assets wers allegedly diverted to the Peshawar metro - Zeshan Malik
  • Bike prices jump up to Rs6,000 - Saud
  • Govt approves Rs6,441 crore road projects for Nagaland - Livemint
  • Adani group firm offers Rs6,000 crore for Ruchi Soya - Livemint
  • "Petrol price hits three-year high" mark after seeing increase of Rs3.56 per litre.. Federal government on Wednesday approved an increase of upto Rs6 per litre in the prices of petroleum products...#corruptiontaxonpoorveto... - Andleeb Abbas
  • TCS becomes India’s second company after RIL to cross Rs6 trillion market cap - Livemint
  • 3 ASIs among 4 cops sacked, Rs6.6 crore missing - HT Punjab
  • The RS6, RS7 and RS Q3 will all arrive in 2019. - CNET News
  • Doordarshan earns Rs6 crore revenue from IFFI - Livemint
  • The minimum amount of pension has also been set at Rs6,500 per month - Dawn.com
  • Thk @narendramodi ji NDA Govt & @HardeepSpuri ji ! 1crore citizens get new homes ! 1.) Rs6,300cr subsidy given to 2.75 lac buyers 2.)12 lac urban homes built by NDA Govt thru PM Hsg Scheme. 3.)Record no of applications for Rs2.3 lac home loan subsidy ! - Adv. Ashish Shelar - ॲड. आशिष शेलार
  • At Rs6.11 trillion, TCS overtakes RIL to be most valued firm again - Livemint
  • Use of two private jets cost the state Rs17.15 million whereas copter travel cost Rs6.23 million. - Dawn.com




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Grey rs6 c8!😈Rate it 1-10————————————————————— • 📸 By @? ————————————————————— • Owner...

Grey rs6!😈Rate it 1-10————————————————————— • 📸 By

Grey rs6!😈Rate it 1-10————————————————————— • 📸 By @? ————————————————————— • Owner @?...