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  • Love when Uturns & lies are so exposed. In a single year PTI gov have “added Rs7.6 trillion to public debt” - just to put that figure in perspective ”The PPP added Rs6 trillion to the debt in FIVE years” #goselectiongo - Bakhtawar B-Zardari
  • KP provincial inspection team uncovers Rs7 billion kickbacks in BRT project - faraz
  • Modi government collects Rs7.41 trillion GST in FY18 - Livemint
  • Profits from major ports to touch Rs7,000 crore: Nitin Gadkari - Livemint
  • Sunil Bharti Mittal pledges Rs7,000 crore to philanthropy - Livemint
  • Direct tax collection surges to Rs7.44 trillion in Apr-Feb FY19 - Dr.Omkar Rai
  • Demonetisation: I-T dept unearths undisclosed income of Rs7,961 crore - Livemint
  • ED to seek immediate confiscation of Nirav Modi’s Rs7,000 crore assets under fugitive ordinance - Livemint
  • Govt said to have approved Rs7,000 crore fund for six new IIT campuses - Livemint
  • Against SC orders, Maharashtra gives away Rs7 cr forest land for free - Ranjan Panda
  • Biggest Corruption Mafia Exposed. Rs 35 Billion Money Laundring Case involve AZ, Anver Majid, AG,Bahria Town, Hussain Lawai Sikandar Jatoi and Rs7 billion transferred to Lootah, x Chairman of Summit Bank.&three other bankers & FIA bosses from 2015-17 - Syed Adil Gilani
  • PTV earns Rs7.3 billion from utility bills paid by consumers who have no clue about it -- yes you read that right - Faseeh Mangi
  • IMF sponsored, tax loaded and bloated bloated Rs7 trillion budget with Pakistani history’s highest ever black hole of Rs3.6 trillion despite slapping massive taxes on almost every segment of society. - Murtaza Solangi
  • The budget documents showed that the total defence budget is proposed at Rs1.9 trillion or 27% of the proposed Rs7.036 trillion total budget. The total defence spending is higher by 11% or nearly Rs200 billion over the outgoing year total spending. - shahbaz rana
  • Most of Rs7 trillion road projects to be awarded by Dec 2018: Nitin Gadkari - Livemint
  • "This Rs7 billion's surety bond has no monetary value but, against the backdrop of Pakistan's [political scene], it is a deadly thing." - Dawn.com
  • PML-N supremo rejected government’s offer made on medical gro­unds and to pay Rs7 billion as surety bonds — equivalent to fines imposed on him in Al-Azizia and Avenfield cases. - Dawn.com
  • I have often criticized Audi's newer RS products for not having quite enough fire in their breath. Happily, @CPAutoScribe says the new RS7 is a beast, so I'm looking forward to putting lots of miles on one of these ASAP. - Steven Ewing
  • Banks’ advances witnessed a sharp decline in the first month of current fiscal year amid sharp economic slowdown across the country. Banks’ total advances as of July clocked in at Rs7.991 trillion, down Rs105bn from Rs8.096tr in June. #pakeconomy - Murtaza Solangi


- جميعً نتفق ان كنت ليفربولي او يوناتيدي او غيره... ان ال

- جميعً نتفق ان كنت ليفربولي او يوناتيدي او غيره... ان السيتي انظلم ومُحارب من الاتحاد الموسم الماضي ...

- سيطر ، سجل من انصاف الفرص ، دفاع مُحكم ، استعمال الهجو

- سيطر ، سجل من انصاف الفرص ، دفاع مُحكم ، استعمال الهجوم المضاد مباراة عظيمة لليونايتد مع سولشاير ي...

- ‏” البريميرليغ لديه مشكله أسمها مانشستر سيتي ، توازن

- ‏” البريميرليغ لديه مشكله أسمها مانشستر سيتي ، توازن المنافسة في الدوري الاكثر شعبية بالعالم في ...

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