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  • She would much rather focus on the three-year witchhunt then creating jobs for American workers in a bill that would pass in a bipartisan landslide in about 30 seconds. Sad, but not surprising. Pelosi casts doubt on USMCA passing in 2019 - POLITICO - Donald Trump Jr.
  • It's really a sad thing. What the President did was so much worse than even what Richard Nixon did. - Nancy Pelosi
  • I worked for ⁦@BBCNews⁩ for a dozen years - it’s near impossible for this to be a mistake (sad to say). We must know more #wreathgate - Douglas Beattie
  • Climate change is the main culprit behind the floods in Venice that have killed two people and damaged hundreds of buildings. But the damage is made worse by bureaucracy and corruption - Bloomberg Opinion
  • "Prosecutors and police unions trying to thwart the will of the voters and undermine the public’s trust in long-overdue reforms should instead get to work making the change." - The Legal Aid Society
  • This article by Andrew Yang is really sad. It's a blizzard of claims and facts designed to avoid confronting the simple fact that the data don't back up the central claim of his campaign 1/ - Paul Krugman
  • That sounds on the cheap side to me. The typical bicoastal American elite struggles to attain--low-crime neighborhoods, access to culture, good schooling--what the average Northern European takes for granted. - Antonio García Martínez
  • Sad to see Trump administration argue that Israeli settlements are not illegal. Of course they are. This makes peace less likely, and a two state solution less likely. This reckless break from bipartisan policy is bad for Israel, Palestine and America. - Nicholas Kristof
  • . You Won't Always Be This Sad: River John, Pictou County, NS author and storyteller Sheree Fitch struggles as she emerges from shock in the wake of her son's unexpected death at age 37. - Graham Johnston
  • So sad to see this churches halls open your doors please - support a life
  • "In Philadelphia, which eliminated cash bail for most misdemeanor and felony offenses in 2018, there has been no significant change in the percentage of people who show up for their court dates." - DA Larry Krasner
  • Very sad to report the passing of Everquest co-designer Brad McQuaid, he was 51. - IGN
  • As a Red Wings fan, this makes me sad. - Donna Bosink
  • Fiona Hill's extraordinary answer distills what impeachment is about “President Donald Trump's pursuit of a ‘domestic political errand’ that came at the expense of American foreign policy” - There you have it. An impeachable offense. Sad it is partisan. - Barbara Malmet
  • This is sad. Army security officials are tracking the physical and online safety of Lt. Col. Vindman and his family. #impeachmenthearings - MoveOn
  • Sad to see even more workers losing their jobs. Journalists tell our stories and hold those in power to account. Fewer of them, and less diversity in the media, is a loss for all of us. - Jagmeet Singh
  • "Thank you for saying you're sorry, mommy's sad." We're sending strength to Hilaria Baldwin after she revealed she suffered a miscarriage at 4 months. - E! News
  • so sad and upsetting. - Love Trans People
  • Terribly sad news breaking this morning. Tom - we’re all thinking of you here at the Gardens. Stay strong. #1769 - Northampton Saints 😇


#cafe Deixei esfrirar o meu café ao contemplar o teu sorriso, teu universo espelhado nos teus olhos

#cafe Deixei esfrirar o meu café ao contemplar o teu sorriso, teu universo espelhado nos teus olhos, o reflexo da felicidade que continha em teu riso... Notei que tua presença al...