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  • In protest of #handke #nobelprize tomorrow in Stockholm, I'm going through my archive posting my essays from the years witnessing atrocities in #bosnia and the aftermath of tracking war criminals. #bosniawarjournalists - Janine di Giovanni
  • This was Sarajevo during Bosnian war. A disgrace that Nobel Literature Prize being handed this week to Peter Handke, the great denialist of genocide perpetrated by Serbs in Bosnia. Where Hope Has Withered: As Lull in the War Ends, Sarajevo Is Shellshocked - Roger Cohen
  • Sarajevo: a city and ski break in the Balkans’ buzziest capital | Travel | The Sunday Times - Ela Friel 💃🏻
  • "Every Nobel Banquet has a particular theme," says - Ragip Luta
  • Grief and Rage Over Playground Massacre A headline from Sarajevo. I'll never forget meeting the parents & sister of 9-year-old Sidbela, murdered as she played one evening. Just another story I covered. #handke #nobelprize #bosniawarjournalists - EmmaDaly
  • Review: The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway - Brian J. Nolan
  • wow ... air pollution is so bad in Bosnia, that leaders have canceled all outdoor events and are urging people to stay inside! - Kurt Bardella
  • BBC News - Inside Sarajevo: A photographer's tale @NiedringhausAP #bosniawarjournalists - Albana Kasapi
  • Bosnia shuts down controversial camp, transfers migrants: Migrants at Vucjak camp moved to reception centre near Sarajevo after observer warned of imminent deaths. - Ultrascan HUMINT
  • The Times article on #sarajevo recommends a visit to the WCM, describing it as a place which chronicles "heartbreak, but also tenderness, hope and — above all — resilience" of children. If you are subscribed to the @thetimes, read the full article at: - War Childhood Museum
  • Air pollution in the Sarajevo has reached dangerous levels, prompting bans of freight vehicles from the roads, outdoor public events and warning citizens to remain indoors. Sarajevo has historically suffered from high concentrations of fog, smog and dust. - ACA
  • "Government officials have said that a new facility for migrants near Sarajevo won’t be ready for another 20 days... some tents have collapsed under the weight of wet snow." - Victoria Macchi
  • "Bosnian Capital of Sarajevo Hit by Dangerous Air Pollution" by The Associated Press via NYT - Foggy Weather
  • Bosnian capital of Sarajevo hit by dangerous air pollution: Houston Chronicle - EcoInternet
  • Life-changing concert in Sarajevo, a city under siege - The Australian - Iron Maiden News
  • We should also mention Susan Sontag (1933-2004), who staged a production of Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo in 1994, during the siege and, especially that she was a writer, she would probably have been disgusted with the Swedish Academy. - Andrei Rusu
  • #sarajevo has suffered from high concentrations of fog, smog & dust, situation deteriorated due to proliferation of tall buildings that block airflow, use of old & highly polluting vehicles & increased use of coal for heating in the city. #airpollution - AirSpeQ
  • One lesson of Sarajevo is to not lob cruise missiles but to take up the moral obligation to intervene and aid helpless civilians, writes @AndyKessler - WSJ Editorial Page
  • Reading this while the air quality in Sarajevo today is at hazardous level ”Health alert: everyone may experience more serious health effects.” #fossilfuels Trading profit for health: exploring Bosnia's toxic relationship with #coal - Heidi Höök


14.8.2018. godine je održana prva povorka LGBT+ osoba u Sarajevu, BiH, unatoč velikom broju građa

14.8.2018. godine je održana prva povorka LGBT+ osoba u Sarajevu, BiH, unatoč velikom broju građana koji su izjanili da su protiv ovakvog tipa događaja. Učestvovalo je oko dvi...



Ivo Andrić, iz eseja o Sarajevu

Ivo Andrić, iz eseja o Sarajevu "Samo dole, u dnu vidika, gde prestaje stari grad, i počinje slobodna ravnica, ima još trag dnevne svetlosti. U posrednom, rumenom odblesku već ...