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  • Tech CEO Isaac Schlueter is calling for fewer "white dudes" in tech. He's presumably exempt. He also supports Antifa - Ian Miles Cheong
  • Tech CEO Isaac Schlueter Calls For Fewer White Men In Tech - Daily Caller
  • A visitor photographs the work 'Morning Beams' of the Japanese-American artist Yoko Ono during the opening of the exhibition 'PEACE is POWER' in the Museum of the Fine Arts in Leipzig, Germany. Picture by JENS SCHLUETER/EPA-EFE/REX See more at - Telegraph Pictures
  • [email protected] PARTY RECAP: - ANDREW W.K.
  • Arno Schlueter and colleagues develop soft robotic solar trackers for adaptive solar façades, allowing daylight control and maximisation of energy generation. - Nature Energy
  • Watch FACEM Dr Stephanie Schlueter on @TodayTonightWA talk about the Emergency Telehealth Service and how it is saving lives - ACEM
  • In a new book, Shakespeare Scholars Dennis McCarthy and Professor June Schlueter use software to reveal a clear source of inspiration for many of the bard’s plays: George North. Michael Blanding explains in The New York Times - Paul X. McCarthy
  • This is the kind of strobe-y political photography I like, and that I think is still relevant. It's about maximizing color and detail, not making a statement. It does create shadows, but the hard shadows aren't *the point*. ( by Krista Schlueter). - KC McGinnis
  • Schlüter UK featured: Financial Times Responsible Business Awards 2016: the shortlist - Schlüter-Systems UK
  • According to new research from alumna June Schlueter, BA’70 (Ruth), and Dennis McCarthy, Shakespeare "read and was inspired by a manuscript titled 'A Brief Discourse of Rebellion and Rebels,' written in the late 1500s by George North." @nytimes​ - Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • "Treats, Jewelry and AstroTurf: Scenes From an Art Show for Dogs" by JOSHUA BARONE, KRISTA SCHLUETER and LAURA O’N… - News & Arts™
  • Recent pictures of Stephen King, by Krista Schlueter, for the New York Times ! - Club Stephen King 🎈
  • Coming Tuesday on the Great Books podcast: "Brave New World," by Aldous Huxley, with Nathan Schlueter of @Hillsdale. Subscribe for free today! @NatRevPodcasts - John J. Miller
  • You want to compare cyclistaccidents aged 16-65, then we need to adjust the Dutch numbers. Actually nobody in UK or Germany cycles at an age of under 16. Yeah on Sidewalks where they also get killed. - Marco Groenewege
  • #us #startup:In May 2018, M. Farid, K. Rogers, L. Schlueter B.Knight opened the first location of Spyce, in Downtown #boston. *In Spyce’s kitchen,#robots do it all: cook and plate.. *Their idea has attracted $24.8m #robotics #food #futuristic #restaurant - STARTinfoUP
  • Congratulations to our former Student Prize winners Michael Farid, Kale Rogers, Luke Schlueter and Brady Knight, founders of @spycefoodco for being honored in #forbesunder30 list! - LemelsonMIT
  • Next month former German diplomat Stefan Schlueter will discuss the complicated historic ties between Germany & Israel. His US tour is organized by @acg_usa & @ajcglobal w/ support from @ajcberlin. Here is a great primer from Israel's Ambassador in Berlin: - Steven E. Sokol
  • PHOTOS: Right-wing demonstrations and counterprotests follow stabbing in #chemnitz, Germany > Hannibal Hanschke, Jens Meyer, Jens Schlueter on @YahooNews > - Yahoo News Photos


Création d'une estrade (pour les machines à laver) et pose d'un carrelage 60x60 pour une future la

Création d'une estrade (pour les machines à laver) et pose d'un carrelage 60x60 pour une future laverie qui ouvre ses portes courant février à #dinard Toujours un plaisir de ...