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  • “In thinking abt the future of #globalhealth ldshp, I ask my peers, particularly men, to think abt why men control the majority of public health decisions & how best to to ensure that women also progress as leaders" -Nina Schwalbe @Laurie_Garrett - Gabrielle Fitzgerald
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  • エエー!!コレー! - ぽいぽいプリン@C97日曜西I-03a
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  • Hate to be too pedantic, but beyond the snazzy paint, grips and saddle and Schwalbe Kojak's, this is still a run of the mill 6 speed ti Brompton. Not to be sniffed at, but it seems image is everything when selling to roadies. - James Holloway
  • Standard issue in these parts and work as advertised. Hey, did you see this -> - BikeBike In Inglewood
  • This is wonderful @Islabikes . How about including a ready-to-go utility/urban package with: Dynamo lights Basket Decent lock Secure wheels (non QR) Schwalbe Marathon Plus as well as easy-tyre-change rims. - RossiBike
  • Tell us about your relationship with books and reading. What impact did your favorite book(s) have on your life? Author Will Schwalbe ( @WillSch ) joins @shdetroit to talk about his book "Books for Living." Comment using #detroittoday and tune in 9-10am - WDET 101.9FM
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