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  • Sculpture dedicated to trans, gender non-conforming communities unveiled in New York City #dandara #noh8 - NOH8 Campaign
  • First look: Work underway in Edinburgh to restore Eduardo Paolozzi's 'Vulcan' sculpture to its former glory - Scotsman Arts
  • A woman from Paradise, California has created a phoenix sculpture from thousands of donated keys to places destroyed in California's deadliest wildfire last November - CNN International
  • Nancy Schön - the 91-year old Newton-based sculptor best known for “Make Way for Duckings” in the Boston Public Garden - is now working on a Me Too sculpture. Her ideal location for the sculpture: outside the White House. - BostonTweet
  • The Instagram-worthy piece is a tribute to the artist's late friend, a transgender woman who was killed in Brazil in 2017. - Out Magazine
  • Another Paolozzi sculpture on the move... - EBF
  • Police recover $24K bronze sculpture stolen from #vancouver gallery | CBC News - Scott Stewart
  • Wall Street's 'Charging Bull' sculpture is moving - CNBC
  • Life Size Sculpture Of Lord Vishnu, 2000 Year-Old Brick Structures Unearthed By ASI Through Excavation In Nellore  - Swarajya
  • A Dan Gable cheese sculpture? A Dan Gable cheese sculpture. Seriously. This weekend in Ankeny: - Cody Goodwin
  • Bad de B street management, downtown edition. The bull is not a terror risk; cars and trucks whizzing by thousands of people on foot is the terror risk. Also, reason why NYSE is safer and pleasant is bc it's ... pedestrianized. Do that to lower Broadway. - Nicole of Hell's Kitchen 🍁🍂🦃🐿🥧⛸
  • We need to stop this!!! Charging Bull, Iconic Downtown Sculpture, Will Be Moved From Its Famous Spot - Gothamist - Manny Alicandro
  • A Sculpture for Brooklyn’s New Golden Age? - Zaki Nusseibeh
  • The minty sculpture took four days to create! - Evening Standard
  • this sculpture gets it. - just alex
  • Mary Sibande re-imagines the story of South Africa's domestic workers through a human-scale sculpture modeled on herself - CNN Africa
  • A Niners fan was taking a video of his friend posing with the Joe Montana statue at Levi's Stadium when another man jumped onto the sculpture and tore off Joe's face mask. He was booked on a felony vandalism charge Monday. Read more: - SFGate
  • A new sculpture in New York City will honor the Lyons family — black activists, property owners, educators and dedicated abolitionists — who once lived in Seneca Village, a community that was destroyed by the creation of Central Park. - The New York Times
  • Hank Willis Thomas's sculpture,  "Unity," rose Saturday near the Brooklyn Bridge.  With its raised arm and forefinger echoing "We're Number 1!" Martha Schwendener asks, "Is it saluting the new Brooklyn,  the one of rising property values and anodyne art?" - New York Times Arts


Языческий лайфхак: если вы узнали человека на изваянии

Языческий лайфхак: если вы узнали человека на изваянии - это памятник, если нет - скульптура. ___________...


Artist Kathleen Ryan’s beautiful oversized sculptures of mold-covered fruit “challenge percepti

Artist Kathleen Ryan’s beautiful oversized sculptures of mold-covered fruit “challenge perceptions of decoration and decay.” (source: thisiscolossal.com; photo by Lance Brew...