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  • I thought socialism didn't approve of personal property ??? - The_Fogeys
  • Coffee, jam and confidence as Jeremy Corbyn comes to the seaside - Guardian politics
  • Coast, culture and low prices: Croatia's most beautiful seaside destinations to visit in 2020 - Gerard Fitzpatrick
  • “He’s an inspiration. This town is no different to any other under the Tories – it is suffering, but he offers hope.” - Bob Chicken
  • Magazine | If #mumbai’s old Taj Hotel had been lifted up a few floors, it would have opened up a seaside space for public use. Instead, Mumbai’s most valuable public face near the sea is reserved for private profit. - The Hindu
  • Not sure saying Labour lost the working class vote is entirely true either. 9/10 local authorities with the highest proportion of deprived neighbourhoods voted Labour: - Tom Mason
  • The hatred of capitalism Billy..... Socialist singer Billy Bragg will make two million from the sale of his seaside mansion - Stevie Boy CTID
  • A really uplifting visit to Barry. Thank you, JC! - Edmund Tuckey
  • Bmouth 0-3LPool, Oh We do like To be beside The Seaside ! - Robert Williams
  • Rubbish Seaside: a 'backhanded love letter' to urban Britain - GRAFIX: A fix of Vintage Graphics Gouache to Litho
  • Very pleased to find my #memoir Dead Babies and Seaside Towns mentioned here by Blake Morrison @GuardianBooks along with Martin Amis, Elizabeth Stroud @ThatKerryHudson @jennashworth @KayEngels Interesting article about truth and the memoir #lifewriting - Alice Jolly
  • Seaside woman sentenced in torture death of dependent adult - Mercury News
  • Among the unspoilt and charming seaside resorts of Italy find @ParcoSanBartolo with superb villages and wild beaches - Marche Tourism En
  • This is superb. Well worth reading the artist's explanations for every single one.....especially Brighton, which made me laugh - Ben Dolphin
  • Man feared hypothermia as he fled naked across seaside resort after being found in bed with other man's fiancée - court - Independent.ie
  • "They include the seaside town of Redcar, which had never before elected a Conservative, and the constituency of Leigh in Wigan, which had been in Labour's hands for almost 100 years." - Darryn Boodan
  • Teenage thugs from Melbourne's outskirts are catching the 902 bus into the city's posh seaside suburbs and starting wild drunken brawls - Daily Mail Australia
  • Eight of the 10 most deprived neighbourhoods in England are in #blackpool, according to new statistics and the Tories have just gained Blackpool south . Talk about Turkeys voting for Christmas - Mark W Tebbutt
  • Rhyl: the north coast of Wales is where the ‘red wall’ begins and where the Tories are hoping to make significant gains tonight. These seaside towns feel Brexity and quite English and may follow the national swing, whichever way it goes. - Sebastian Payne