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  • Donghyun got another article from Insight talking abt his visuals from his daily life pictures/selca. He’s currently getting attention from netizens for his visuals from the phone camera photos taken of him from KCON - 🕊 #6IXENSE
  • Cute story! This 5-year old Brazilian kid waits anxiously for every #armyselcaday and today he joined with a selca of his favorite member: #jungkook. He imitated the selca that Jungkook took when he cut his hair. The result is so adorable @BTS_twt - GOLDEN STAGE
  • Instragram star of the week goes to @SOSisofficial's Yeye for her kewt selfie/selca! More stars here: - SBS PopAsia
  • Choice! Just a reminder that selca days this month are canceled in respect of rookie singer, Tany, who passed away recently. Here’s an article if you’d like to know more: - 하나♡에이스
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  • Kmedia wrote about Jimin bringing world peace with his 4-cut picture Jimin's selca drew attention because of his various facial expressions and poses in it - JIMIN DATA | #200MPromises
  • #jungkook appeared on YAHOO! Hong Kong Celebrity news for his latest selca @BTS_twt "The clean and flawless skin highlights the handsome facial features. The youthful beauty exudes a warm atmosphere and attracts people's attention." #방탄소년단정국 - Jungkook Times✨
  • How to take a selfie/selca - #bigbang style. - SBS PopAsia
  • TVXQ! Changmin, handsome men descended into LA.. revealed a selca that will definitely make your heart skipped a beat - The Truth of Love 운명
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  • (#jiminnews 190920) Article about Jimin bringing world peace with his 4-cut picture selca. - Jiminevent | #200MPromises
  • You can win a #beast selca photo book just by listening to #sbspopasia radio TODAY! - SBS PopAsia
  • Hi ARMY~ For #armyselcaday it would mean the world to me if you could read an article I wrote about my experience seeing our boys at the SYS Rose Bowl concert almost a month ago :') it's my version of a Selca today because I worked very hard to write it!! - Meghan
  • [#jinupdate] 防弾少年団 ジン、機内で撮ったセルフショットを公開…帽子でも隠せないカッコ良さにファン悶絶 BTS #jin uploads selca taken in plane...his good looks that can't be hidden even with a cap on takes fans' breath away. *Transl in the pics - All for Jin 2.0


계절에 취한 순간의 진심 진심이라고 믿기에는 너무나도 짧고 원망스러우

계절에 취한 순간의 진심 진심이라고 믿기에는 너무나도 짧고 원망스러우나 진심이 아니라고 탓할 수도 없는 그 마음...

🎂#HBD 그리 좋을꼬, 벌써 7번째 챙겨주지만은 진웅이 생일 챙겨주는 거 매

🎂#hbd 그리 좋을꼬, 벌써 7번째 챙겨주지만은 진웅이 생일 챙겨주는 거 매년마다 뭐해줄 지 고민이지만 행복해하는 모습 보는 게 그리 ...

우리가 꿈꾸는 소소한 그 모든 것 *⑅ ♥♥ 행복만 하게 해주세요 🙏🏻 내

우리가 꿈꾸는 소소한 그 모든 것 *⑅ ♥♥ 행복만 하게 해주세요 🙏🏻 내가 만든 거 먹고 웃음이 나오나 보니 맛도 있드라 그래도?!...