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  • "“They have to move,” Trump said, according to Bergen, who adds that his officials were initially unsure if the president was joking. But Trump then repeated the line. “They have to move!” No action was taken in response to Trump’s bizarre remark..." - Maddow Blog
  • 'When he was shown the bright lights of Seoul just 30 miles south of the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, the president asked: “Why is Seoul so close to the North Korean border?”' - Mehdi Hasan
  • “Trump was also shown a satellite image of the Korean peninsula at night, showing the lights of China and South Korea and the blackness of North Korea in between. Trump initially mistook the void for an ocean.” - Katie Phang
  • Not only did Trump call for the relocation of Seoul (a metropolitan area of approx 26 million people) at the height of tensions with DPRK, according to a new book, he also ordered the evacuation of all US civilians from S Korea. Both dictats were ignored. - southpaw
  • K-Pop star Goo Hara has been found dead at her home in Seoul at age 28, South Korean police say. The cause of death wasn't immediately known. - The Associated Press
  • K-pop singer and actress Goo Hara was found dead Sunday in Seoul, South Korea, police said. Police would not comment on a cause of death. - CNN Breaking News
  • The K-pop star was found dead at her home in Seoul - billboard
  • K-pop star Goo Hara was found dead on Sunday in her home in Seoul, South Korea, according to the Gangnam Police, who are investigating the cause of her death. She was 28. - The New York Times
  • According to Peter Bergen, Trump almost got the US into a major war by ordering the evacuation of Seoul, which would have been interpreted by North Korea as a preparation for an invasion. Officials ignored him, preventing a catastrophe. - Alexander Suen
  • Trump demanded that South Korea remove its 25m citizens from Seoul because it’s too close to North Korea. - John Aravosis🇺🇸
  • #exo To Meet The Cast Of "6 Underground" At Premiere Event In Seoul - Soompi
  • #sulli Included In #u2’s Tribute To Korean Women Of History During Their Seoul Concert - Soompi
  • The Moron in Chief didn't understand why Seoul was so close to the North Korean border & ordered the South Korean capital to be moved during an Oval Office meeting at the height of tensions between the US & North Korea - HawaiiDelilah™
  • The Japanese and South Korean foreign ministers meet on the sidelines of a Japan-hosted G-20 meeting a day after Seoul kept alive a 2016 military intelligence sharing pact with Tokyo, reversing its planned termination amid bilateral tensions. - The Associated Press
  • Trump is Nuts. - Claude Taylor
  • In 2017, Trump asked, “Why is Seoul so close to the North Korean border?” He then made a rather unorthodox suggestion: “They have to move,” Trump said, referring to the entire population of Seoul, South Korea. - Vox
  • South Korean singer Goo Hara, a former member of the K-pop group Kara, was found dead in her apartment in Seoul on Sunday — the second K-pop celebrity death in less than two months. - NPR
  • #trumprallyhershey wanted to move Seoul? WTF. This city has 25+ million people living in it and is in the top 10 of largest cities globally. #maga ritas that is the guy you support? God help us. - F Siepm
  • "A senior official warned that such an evacuation would be interpreted as a signal that the US was ready to go to war, and would crash the South Korean stock market, but Trump is reported to have ignored the warning, telling his team: 'Go do it!'" #maddow - 𝐑𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐝


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