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  • Jaguars’ owner Shad Khan: No plans to trade CB Jalen Ramsey. - Adam Schefter
  • Sources: Jalen Ramsey’s absence last Sunday vs. Saints was the last straw for Jaguars’ owner Shad Khan. - Adam Schefter
  • Shad Khan has "no plans" to move Jaguars to London - ProFootballTalk
  • Shad Khan: The Jaguars are doing just fine today - ProFootballTalk
  • Shad Khan on Jalen Ramsey: We have to do what's right for the team - ProFootballTalk
  • From my Jalen Ramsey trade article: — Shad Khan tells me, "I think we knew what we had in the value.” — Kevin Demoff says, "If this was panic or desperation, we would've kept both (CBs).” — #rams CB Troy Hill has now sold his jersey numbers twice(!) Story: - Ian Rapoport
  • It’s amazing how wrong Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan is. You do not respect people in other countries by staying silent when they are being mistreated, especially when they might not be free to speak out about that mistreatment themselves. So wrong. - Sarah McLaughlin
  • Th action to my MacBook buttfly key has been awsom. Thanks to all who have ad and shad. - Joanna Stern
  • TIL buybacks were illegal until Reagan SEC appointee John S. R. Shad gave companies so-called safe harbor against charges of manipulation if they bought their stock in the open market under certain circumstances. (The provision is known as Rule 10b-18.) - Kim-Mai Cutler
  • Even after his “heart-to-heart” with Jaguars owner Shad Khan, Jalen Ramsey is inactive again - ProFootballTalk
  • Shad Khan on Jalen Ramsey: 'Best thing is to have him be part of the team' - Around The NFL
  • ICYMI: Jaguars owner Shad Khan offered one of the most cowardly statements yet re: China. He believes the only people who should share opinions about “sovereign matters” are those in China — so, people who could be jailed for expressing them. - Sarah McLaughlin
  • Jaguars owner Shad Khan thinks Jalen Ramsey (back) will play Sunday vs. Saints - Around The NFL
  • Shad Khan was not happy with Jalen Ramsey's decision not to play in Week 6 - Sports Illustrated
  • One pro-2nd ref shad cab member tells me: "The fundamental electorate for us is our own membership. If we don’t hold that together we don’t even get a chance to try to communicate with the general public.” - Pippa Crerar
  • Just like in the country, Labour shadow cabinet engaging in robust discussions over People’s Vote! @IanLaveryMP has warned PV brigade to stop “sneering” at those who voted Leave! I m confident that a permanent solution will emerge from Lab shad cabinet! - WeThePeople #ChangeIsComing #ForTheMany #Kashmir
  • [email protected] MP @RichardBurgon’s Zionism video 'at odds with libel evidence' - Shad Justice Secretary under mounting pressure after it emerged he told a judge under oath that it was not his "view" that Zionism was the "enemy of peace". #labourantisemitism - LAAS
  • Head of performance Shad Forsythe - who had been close to joining AC Milan - will now remain at Arsenal and be elevated to a more senior role. - AFCMike
  • NEW: Alastair Campbell's Labour expulsion 'will be reviewed', says shad cab minister Shami Chakrabarti. But before you get too excited... it's thought she may have simply been referring to the 14-day window he had to 'appeal' anyway. - Dan Bloom


شادمهر تنها موزیسین پاپی که آهنگاش،هیچوقت تکراری نمیش

شادمهر تنها موزیسین پاپی که آهنگاش،هیچوقت تکراری نمیشه..💜(من به این معروفم💜) . _موافقین؟💜 . @eshghgrap...

Новый Год... Везде его празднуют по-разному. Различаютс

Новый Год... Везде его празднуют по-разному. Различаются традиции и климат, различно и флористическ...


دوستان گلم، كيا داخل ايران اينترنت دارن؟؟ لطفاً بگين ك

دوستان گلم، كيا داخل ايران اينترنت دارن؟؟ لطفاً بگين كه اينترنت وصل شده ________________________________________________...