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  • Ariel Sharon a "criminal whose hands were smeared with the blood of our people" - Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zurhi - BBC News (World)
  • Today on #yr, Nikki gives Sharon a warning and Billy plays referee. WATCH FULL EPISODE: - Young and Restless
  • In need of an expert who can talk about Latinx Politics? #nprsource Sharon A. Navarro is professor of Political Science at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She focuses on women in politics, race and American politics, and Latinx politics. - Source of the Week
  • "The heavy thing that was pressing on me is gone.” Sharon, a disabled nurse, on getting covered thanks to the #aca: - Planned Parenthood Action
  • Dylan asks Sharon a very BIG question on today's show! - Young and Restless
  • Exclusive from @RichardAArnold : Ozzy Osbourne has bought wife Sharon a new wedding ring: #xfactor #sharonosbourne - Good Morning Britain
  • Ariel Sharon "a figure who dominated Israeli politics for a generation" - @UKLabour leader @Ed_Miliband - BBC News (UK)
  • #sharon a man of war and aggression, a failure at peace #israel #palestine #hrw - - Sarah Leah Whitson
  • Ozzy Osbourne calls cheating rumors and split with wife Sharon 'a bump in the road' - People
  • EastEnders fans brand Sharon a ‘snake’ for taking Louise for abortion while in love with Keanu herself - The Sun TV
  • No Holds Barred: Sharon a team to watch - Larry
  • Yuval Sharon, a 39-year-old director and MacArthur fellow, does not seem to have the words “small scale” in his vocabulary. - Los Angeles Times
  • We have had the privilege of working with General Sharon, a remarkable Officer who really understands the value of Battlefield Study. - STAFFRIDE
  • The Bayreuth Festival's hiring of Barrie Kosky, an Australian native, and Yuval Sharon, a Los Angeleno of Israeli parentage, is a welcome corrective to an oppressive past: Wagner was a vicious anti-Semite, Hitler an ardent Wagnerian. - The New Yorker
  • And in 2014 he and Tony Blair attended the memorial service of Ariel Sharon, a man found guilty by an Israeli commission of enabling the killing of between 762 and 3,500 Palestinians and Lebanese civilians in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. - george
  • Inside the creative approach of #macfellow Yuval Sharon, a "wildly imaginative and gleefully disruptive artist-collaborator": - MacArthur Foundation
  • Living with an invisible disability - Sharon A. Mitchell
  • If you missed the @BBCSheffield breakfast show, fear not, you can listen again here: - HealthwatchSheffield
  • "Sharon," a ruby red 1972 Ferrari Daytona, was much coveted—until this prize vehicle was stolen in 2015 - The Daily Beast


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