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  • Same age as me , if I was described as a Bonfire Builder my children would emigrate and change their names after giving me a deserved kicking. - Wee Round lan
  • And now on BBC, Mastermind. Name? John Russell. Occupation? Bonefire builder. Specialist subject? Fukin bonefires sure I just taul ye soidid. - Pastor Pearse Mac
  • Having a nondisclosure agreement with a woman relating to harassment, is almost like wearing a “I Harass Women” T shirt. - JohnMartin🔶#FBPE🎪
  • Browns’ HC Freddie Kitchens spotted wearing 'Pittsburgh started it' T-shirt: - Adam Schefter
  • For God and Ulster - CregganDerry
  • Bonfire builder jailed over football shirt fraud while claiming dole - Notorious-celt
  • Laughing off the conspiracy theories over the holidays is the only way to do it - Mashable
  • Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens was seen wearing a "Pittsburgh started it" T-shirt just days before the anticipated rematch between the Browns and Steelers. The shirt is a reference to the Nov. 14 game between the teams that ended in a brawl. - CNN
  • Browns coach Freddie Kitchens seen wearing 'Pittsburgh started it' shirt - via @ESPN App - Darlene
  • Ultra-unionists want to ban the Gaelic language because it is "too Scottish" like your Manky Shirt the Holocaust denier and co. Well thousands upon thousands have signed up to learn the language. Great news! - [indy swim]
  • "Prosecutors say the defendant, who appeared in the dock wearing a Hawaiian shirt over a rainbow t-shirt, was a member of the extremist groups System Resistance Network and Sonnenkrieg Division." - AntiFash Gordon
  • Moral of the story, don't abuse your undocumented housekeeper. - David Leopold
  • Shirt collars, silk and steamy pants: a beginner’s guide to perfect ironing - The Guardian
  • A new Washington Post report about the Trump Organization's employment of undocumented workers has a bizarre tidbit about his makeup of choice. - HuffPost
  • Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney wore a stars and stripes shirt and a "Space Force" hat after getting off Air Force One and immediately became a meme. - HuffPost
  • i wrote a little essay post for @Kotaku about my 25th anniversary Donkey Kong Country stream from yesterday!! you can read it here. the post also includes a newly remastered version of my short film about the preorder shirt!! - tim rogers
  • My heart is beating awfully fast--The Crying Book gets reviewed in @nytimes! Jennifer Szalai calls it "peculiar and indelible," words I'd like to pin to my shirt to wear through the day. - Heather Christle
  • Life in the narcissistic fantasy lane. If Trump really had a "gorgeous chest" he would walk around with his shirt off like Putin. Trump tweets pic of himself as Rocky after claiming doc who performed his physical praised his 'beautiful chest' - Victoria Brownworth
  • Poll: Who is Ulster's best blindside flanker of the 2010s? Vote on that and also the number 1-5 shirts here - Ulster Rugby Round-Up


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Nike stefan หนังกลับ สภาพดี ua9.5 size43 27.5cm ราคา750บาท ‼️สนใจ‼️ Line pannatat. หรือ DM🏝️ . . . . #street...

Nike stefan หนังกลับ สภาพดี ua9.5 size43 27.5cm ราคา750บาท

Nike stefan หนังกลับ สภาพดี ua9.5 size43 27.5cm ราคา750บาท ‼️สนใจ‼️ Line pannatat. หรือ DM🏝️ . . . . #street...