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  • BBC Sport - Faf de Klerk: Pants, coffee and Shrek: Q&A with South Africa's World Cup winner - candlesato
  • Could some clever person please do trump as Shrek? Living in the swamp he promised to drain - Robin Tones
  • take this quiz instead - sad(h)
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  • His mom wish she had: - Jill Moffitt 🧢💎🌊
  • Which is YOUR favorite Shrek Character? ------------------------------------------ Come see your favorite characters in Shrek Jr! Feb. 1st - Mar. 1st! Online Tix: - Smithtown PAC
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  • I have a different perspective on the source code of Shrek part of this, which is that maybe this isn't true for ASCII, but there is a way to encode characters in numbers that does ensure that any finite string up to an arbitrary length can be represented: - Evelyn Lamb
  • No sé cómo tomarme esto. ¡Obtuve Lord Farquaad! - Oɹǝsʇǝs
  • ¡Obtuve El hombre de jengibre! - 𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘪
  • Illo no que me cae muy mal :( ¡Obtuve Lord Farquaad! - Pelirrara
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  • ¡Obtuve Lord Farquaad! - ❄️『White Album』(Sin Pierna)❄️


久々の親友ちゃまとのオフは 楽しかったぁ〜よ〜🌐💟👐🏻 ユニバで誕

久々の親友ちゃまとのオフは 楽しかったぁ〜よ〜🌐💟👐🏻 ユニバで誕生日サプライズ成功してよかたまるまる💮 ・ ほんで写真撮...