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  • Yesterday we proposed a bold new plan to spend £100bn pounds a year on a #greennewdeal Siân Berry explains why this radical investment is needed right now! #climateelection #ge2019 - The Green Party
  • "Taking action on the climate emergency isn’t just about averting disaster. It’s about creating a brand new Britain. We stand at the threshold of what could be the most prosperous period of British history." Co-leader @sianberry on our bold climate plans - Bristol Green Party
  • We are very proud of what our lovely Sian is achieving in memory of her late Fiancé Paul ‘Woody’ Woodland. The first glimpse of the memorial, herself and others have painstakingly campaigned for. We are very proud. @SianWoodland84 - Woody’s Lodge
  • A good #bookshop is not just about the books – at last we realise that | Sian Cain - Sherna Khambatta
  • At the launch of the Green Party's general election campaign, party co-leader Sian Berry calls for #ge2019 to be "the climate election" Read more - BBC Radio 5 Live
  • "We know these are dark times... the threat of Brexit hangs over our heads, the climate emergency rages, and our fragile democracy is under attack" Co-leader Sian Berry launches the Green Party's election campaign, saying "we are the future" - BBC Politics
  • Common Good = Common Sense from @TheGreenParty. Glad to see some great candidates up for the campaign trail up & down the country including @carla_denyer who started the push for declaring the first #climateemergency. The Time is Now to #votegreen2019 - Fred Gough
  • Did you know that you can use the present to talk about the past?Confused? Intrigued? Check out the BBC's masterclass - CompreHand English
  • Why the Green Party is proposing £100bn a year for a decade to fight the climate emergency | Sian Berry - Independent Voices
  • “This wasn’t an easy thing for us to do.” Co-leader of the Green Party Sian Berry says agreeing on a Remain alliance with Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats took “months” of discussion and wasn't a "simple” decision More: - BBC Newsnight
  • "We have a vision for a different future" Sian Berry outlines the Green Party's priorities at the launch of their #generalelection2019 campaign launch - ITV News
  • Well I was way ahead of the curve on the happy being alone trend - sianushka
  • Green Party co-leader Sian Berry: 'This must be the climate election' - P. Politics
  • The Apprentice episode 6 recap: Sian Gabbidon says she's surprised Lottie isn't fired after "really bad decisions" - The Sun Showbiz
  • Sian Berry: We need to spend £100bn a year to fight the climate emergency - Bob Barnes
  • The Green Party says it will invest £100bn a year to fight climate change if it gets into power. "Some things are even bigger than Brexit. This must be the climate election," co-leader Sian Berry says. - BBC Newsbeat
  • "Some things are even bigger than Brexit. This must be the climate election, the future won't get another chance" Co-leader Sian Berry launches the Green Party's general election campaign - Stuart Thomson
  • Sian Davies-Vollum @DerbyUni: Climate change isn’t just about rising temperatures: drier, longer summers are the perfect set up for fuelling the devastating forest and bush fires in Australia and California @SianDV @derbyuniesrc - DerbyUniPress
  • Female army veterans pushed into homelessness and destitution by ‘abysmal’ pensions rules | The Independent : inequality on women’s pension a full review is needed ⁦@sian_aber⁩ ⁦@gloria_mills⁩ ⁦@unisontweets⁩ ⁦@WomenInUNISON⁩ - Pat Heron


クレスのコロナ、おててでウマウマごはん💡 シアンもおててで食べても

クレスのコロナ、おててでウマウマごはん💡 シアンもおててで食べてもらおーと思ったんですが… 嫌っ!つておててから飛んでっち...