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  • John O’Dowd sat up in the gods at Derry's Millennium Forum as Michelle and Mary Lou embraced on the stage below as the Sinn Fein ard fheis closed. The image spoke 1,000 words. The man who had challenged the leadership seemed banished to political Siberia. - Suzanne Breen
  • Russia dam collapse at Siberia gold mine kills 13 - BBC News (World)
  • I thought Maria Butina was heading home to Siberia? - Barbara Malmet
  • #russia: Victims of Stalin-era purges unearthed in Siberia - Ville Kostian
  • A Russian conscript soldier shot and killed 8 fellow servicemen at a military base in eastern Siberia on Friday, in a mass shooting that the Defense Ministry blamed on “a nervous breakdown caused by personal circumstances not related to military service” - The New York Times
  • Russian serviceman shoots dead eight fellow soldiers and injures two more on base in Siberia, officials say - BBC Breaking News
  • Diamonds are a Tsar’s best friend. ‘Putin has approved a £1 billion bridge to be built entirely on permafrost across the Lena river, about 5,000 miles east of Moscow, linking the diamond-rich region of Yakutia in Siberia to the national motorway system.’ - ❄️ Snowbird 🍁
  • LONG WAY FROM HOME: Horse breeders discovered a flamingo chick starving near a pond in Yakutia, Northern Siberia—one of the coldest places on earth—and delivered it to a local vet. There have only been five known cases of flamingos flying to this area. - ABC News
  • 40,000-year-old wolf's head preserved by permafrost found in Siberia - JBMorris
  • “How can one judge me and say, what, I was too smart for my age?” Maria Butina responds to questions about how a 23-year-old from Siberia staged gun rights rallies and then held a conference that brought NRA members to Moscow. - 60 Minutes
  • Today @PolisBooks receives its very first review in the @nytimes Book Review, as @eawright’s FAMOUS IN CEDARVILLE is reviewed by the legendary Marilyn Stasio. A proud day for me, Erica, and this company. - Jason Pinter
  • In July Donald Trump offered his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin help in putting out vast wildfires that were raging in Siberia. In California this week, nothing. - 'Trump offers Putin help with Siberian wildfires: Kremlin' - Reuters - - John Lundin 🌊
  • Eight people were killed in an apparent shooting spree at a military base in Siberia, Russia’s top law enforcement agency says - CNN Breaking News
  • Nothing good comes from this... Sea "boiling" with methane discovered in Siberia: "No one has ever recorded anything like this before" - Vanessa C. Tyson
  • This story on mammoth "ice ivory" is full of so many wild facts! Like how mining for mammoth ivory is legal in Russia, and "with an estimated ten million mammoths still buried in Siberia’s permafrost, [it] outnumbers the 350,000 African elephants by far." - sarah emerson
  • Why Methane Bubbles From Depths of Sea are Alarming Methane Fountain Bubbles in Arctic Sea near Siberia as Permafrost Thaws - The Climate Connection
  • “The precious thing is this huge, lonely tree grew for some 1700 years across a remarkable period in our planet’s history when the Earth’s magnetic field flipped some 42,000 years ago, a period known as the Laschamp Excursion." - Bruce R. Fenton 👽🧬🔬
  • In 2010, a paper in Nature reported a complete mitochondrial DNA sequence retrieved from a bone excavated in 2008 in Denisova Cave, southern Siberia. Read it here: - Nature News & Comment
  • Russia says Trump once offered to help Putin fight Siberia wildfires, now he's threatening to cut off aid from California - Newsweek


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