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  • Breaking! #simbu starts his spiritual journey to #sabarimalai today #str #maanaadu #maha - IndiaGlitz - Tamil
  • #simbu had recently stated that he would lead a spiritual life and that a visit to Sabarimala would be part of it - Chennai Times
  • Then Simbu offered support - Fluffy 🐼 Panther
  • Simbu's spiritual effort after 27 years for his future cinema career #simbu #str #maanaadu #venkatprabhu - IndiaGlitz - Tamil
  • Silambarasan Thesinghu Rajendar, also known as Simbu, posted a video on social media telling fans to “celebrate my movie release like never before by erecting huge banners and cutouts and pouring pots of milk” - Paul Tudor Owen
  • Actor Simbu had a message for his fans on the harvest festival of Pongal. - Indian Express Entertainment
  • #vantharajavathaanvaruven is strictly for #simbu fans. The actor does everything possible to make this shallow film work—but nothing helps. An appeal to him—‘vantha Rajavaa varardhu mukkiyam illa, nalla padathoda vaanga’. - Subhakeerthana
  • STR and Seeman to join hands for Simbu's next - ETimes
  • Now, #tamilnadu Milk Dealers Association has urged the police commissioner to give protection to milk dealers during #simbu's #vantharajavathanvaruven release. - Express Lite
  • My #ayogyareview: You keep thinking #ayogya would have been a better film if it had some other hero. In a lot of places, #vishal oversells his performance & tries to be someone that he's not. Hey, #simbu was the first choice for the makers, it seems. - Subhakeerthana
  • #hansikamotwani on Wednesday confirmed that she will be sharing screen space with #simbu in her upcoming film #maha - Indian Express Entertainment
  • Waiting Official Announcement From Production Team #mufti #simbu #str 'முஃப்தி' ரீமேக்கில் தலைவன் சிம்பு? - ♚...KING...♚™
  • Fans in Madurai put up a huge 500-feet poster in the city to celebrate the 35th year of #simbu in Tamil cinema - Chennai Times
  • #simbu considers Chekka Chivantha Vaanam as the biggest turning point in his career, thus he may soon reunite with Mani Ratnam | @sekartweets - Firstpost
  • Simbu back in 'Maanaadu'? - What happened in the Producer Council meeting #str #maanaadu - IndiaGlitz - Tamil
  • Was #gnanavelraja's #mufti dropped because #simbu didn't turn up on sets? Details inside - India Today Showbiz
  • Simbu and @Gautham_Karthik's upcoming film #str45 directed by Narathan, has been progressing at a brisk pace - Chennai Times
  • Simbu will start shooting for Venkat Prabhu’s #maanaadu - Indian Express Entertainment
  • Anti-Indians விளக்கம் இதோ! - Kpy Sathish Interview #sivakarthikeyan #simbu #hraja #mimicry #kpy #sathish - IndiaGlitz - Tamil


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