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  • Considerable food for thought here - on the challenges facing AB (& SK). Note the concept is independence (which is nowhere NEAR separation - although the alarmists will raise that flag in error). Confederation is broken - the West needs a fair deal. - * W. Brett Wilson *
  • Flooded wards, closed units, undrinkable water. All confirmed in the SK hospital in North Battleford. When we raised these Qs in the house, Sask Party members denied it. The truth is coming out, but too slowly. Time for this govt to tell the whole story. - Ryan Meili
  • While I think @RobBreakenridge overlooks or understates some benefits of greater independence or autonomy for AB/SK - I totally agree w/ his assessment of leaving the @cppib aka #canadapensionplan. RT to encourage @PremierScottMoe / @jkenney to #justdoit - * W. Brett Wilson *
  • Vigil held for infant found dead in dumpster - - CTV Saskatoon
  • ...here is a message to AB Premier Kenney, SK Premier Moe, & Andrew Scheer on behalf of the millions of Canadians who did not vote Conservative — stop lying to Canadians and pouring gasoline on the embers of western alienation. #cdnpoli - MandelaMushroom 🐘🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈
  • #大宮sk」トレンド1位に - 毎日新聞
  • #cons leaders acting like spoiled children - Tom Flemming
  • WATCH | Shona Ferguson teases fans with 'Kings of Joburg' and SK Khoza is on it - Times LIVE
  • #samsung, #sk, #hyundai see gain in market cap - The Korea Herald
  • Saskparty signed secret "agreement" w/Brighview, Wall touted land sale as proof all's well at GTH. then went to China to promote GTH, all SK gov't backed scam. Moe refuses to answer why SK gov't is scamming Chinese people. #skpoli #cdnpoli - Amanda
  • “Ideologue Jason Kenney misses the mark, setting Alberta up to fail”: ⁦@thestarcalgary⁩ As written by the incompetent ⁦@HeatherMallick⁩ who hasn’t set foot in AB or SK in decades (it appears.) And I meant incomparable. - * W. Brett Wilson *
  • How a poem helped a Weyburn woman discover her father's WWII letters - - CTV Regina
  • FunPlus Phoenix became the first team to win a world title in their worlds debut since SK Telecom T1 in 2013. - Tim
  • With a wet fall and early winter, SK farmers are facing significant hardship, including high bills for drying grain. I’ve written @JustinTrudeau requesting he immediately rebate the carbon price paid by grain producers in our province. - Ryan Meili
  • If @AndrewScheer gets ousted by Eastern Liberals masquerading as conservatives, Western MPs will be CUT OFF from having a voice within @CPC_HQ. All AB/SK MPs should cross the floor and join Wexit NOW. Our offer won’t be open forever. #wexitnow - Peter Downing
  • Ich empfinde das #klimapaket an vielen Stellen als Inländer-Diskriminierung. In der EU ist es verboten, Bürger anderer Mitgliedstaaten zu diskriminieren. Die Inländer-Diskriminierung ist nicht verboten, aber sie ist genauso falsch. (SK) - Michael Kretschmer
  • This was a GREAT piece by @crystalpher_ about the South Korean film, 'Ji-young, Born 1982.' This film highlights the struggles of women in SK's patriarchal & conservative society. This article discusses the perspectives btwn the genders about this film. - T
  • TN Seshan put the EC on the map. More importantly, he put the fear of the EC into erring political parties, candidates and the government: SK Mendiratta - Arvind Gunasekar
  • Rushabh Desai, an IFA suffers from a rare muscular disorder that leaves him unable to walk. SK, another person I spoke to had multiple cancer cases in her family. How do people deal with illness, physically and financially? Here are some answers #investing - Neil Borate


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☕️ 보보통신이 쏜다 ☕️ 아이폰 11 pro 미드나잇 그린 256기가 기다리다 드디어 개통 했네요 ^^...

"She would tell me to never change for anyone, because the people you change for are the people who control you." I couldn't quite decide what to read, so I threw a few ideas out t...

T U E S D A Y The past two days have been extremely busy and at times stressful, we finally complete

T U E S D A Y The past two days have been extremely busy and at times stressful, we finally completed our PR application and I mailed it out this afternoon. I can’t tell you how ...

수원 sk 선반설치 완료 1500×600×2100 5단(4칸) 수험생들에게 방해줘서 미안한

수원 sk 선반설치 완료 1500×600×2100 5단(4칸) 수험생들에게 방해줘서 미안한 하루..ㅜㅜ (바로 아래층 학원..) 문의전화 010-5585-7649 #수원 #s...

안양 호계동 SK V원 신규 사무실 설치 책상은 중급 .파티션은 저가형 이지만

안양 호계동 SK V원 신규 사무실 설치 책상은 중급 .파티션은 저가형 이지만 투톤 칼라로 선택, 발주 주신 부장님께서 좋다고 하네~~ 부장...