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  • VIEWS: In a party where just 1 in 5 MPs are female, the roll call of talented women who’ve just quit the Tories is alarming. Johnson, Brexit & toxic abuse all in the mix as to why they’re off. Is the progress made under Cameron about to be reversed? - Beth Rigby
  • Mercury will begin a 5.5-hour transit across the disc of the sun tomorrow morning. Transits of Mercury occur 13 or 14 times a century. After this, the next one visible from the U.S. won't be until 2049. - NPR
  • We're in for a rare celestial show on November 11, as the planet Mercury sails across the face of the sun - National Geographic
  • Bird photography like you've never seen before! Scroll to the end to see the full slideshow - BirdLife International
  • Coming soon to #marvelfuturefight: the Warriors of the Sky combine their powers to unleash the powerful Sky Kyrin! Learn more: - Marvel Entertainment
  • They stood for a corporation run despotically by Farage and hand-picked allies, of course they got shafted. That was the whole point of splitting from Ukip and launching the BXP. Anger from Brexit Party candidates as they are stood down | Sky News - Richard Seymour
  • This rare dingo pup was apparently dropped by a bird from the sky and found in a suburban backyard in Australia. After being looked at by a vet, DNA testing confirmed Wandi is of a breed on the verge of extinction. - ABC News
  • Former CSIRO scientist David Packham has urged the government to do more to combat the “most important” factor contributing to the current bushfire crisis - the build up of very dry fuel. - Sky News Australia
  • WOW!!! Imagine if this gets exposure on BBC ITV SKY!!! Why I’m voting tactically for Labour in Leeds after 24 years loyal service to Tories – Dr Jason Aldiss - ARTIST TAXI DRIVER
  • A flock of starlings morphs into one giant bird in the skies over Spain (Photo: Daniel Biber - 41 Strange
  • At about 7:35 a.m. ET, Mercury began its slow trek across the sun. By shortly after 1 p.m., the tiny planet will exit the stage as a black drop — an optical illusion that will make it momentarily appear as a teardrop. - NPR
  • Australia cannot engage in a “sensible” debate on climate change because its federal parliament is being influenced by “wacky, right wing think tanks,” according to @MurrayWatt - Sky News Australia
  • Farmers in the drought-stricken southern Queensland town of Stanthorpe have received welcome relief thanks to a massive donation from the Muslim community. - Sky News Australia
  • Rediscover the night sky at these spectacular dark-sky destinations around the globe. - Nat Geo Travel
  • "Unprecedented" number of emergency-level bushfires turn skies orange in Australia [Tap to expand] - BBC News (World)
  • New Zealand's probably best known for its breathtaking, verdant terrain. But nothing on the ground surpasses what's in the sky - WIRED
  • Astrophotographers - get your final pictures of the Milky Way and starry night sky NOW. This is your last warning. @JohnBarentine @IDADarkSky @DavidBflower @Stephencheatley #starlink #darksky - Tyler Kokjohn
  • Sky News speaks to TV and radio presenter @MayaJama at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, where she was named the UK and Ireland's best dressed star for 2019. To read the full story, click here - Sky News
  • Fireworks light up the sky as international artists performed on stage to sell-out crowds in Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh. - Al Arabiya English


Corsica, one of the most mountainous islands in the Mediterranean and has one of the most challengin

Corsica, one of the most mountainous islands in the Mediterranean and has one of the most challenging hiking trails such as the GR20 myth. Its beaches are steep but with the beauty...

Que ansiedad siento , no merecemos este planeta , no merecemos a estos animales ni a esta naturaleza

Que ansiedad siento , no merecemos este planeta , no merecemos a estos animales ni a esta naturaleza , no se como sacar tanta ansiedad , es terrible ver que ayudar es muy poco cuan...

"unplanned joy" #nofilter It was supposed that there would be a big group of those willing to visit a local zoo. Eventually we was watching the animals' asses from a great distance...