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  • Reminder: Thousands of Minnesotans and hundreds of thousands of Americans are set to lose their SNAP benefits next year. Keep speaking out against the Trump administration's cruelty. Our activism has made a difference before, and it can again. - Ilhan Omar
  • Make no mistake: kicking everyday families off of critical food assistance will only harm our nation. We have to keep fighting to prevent this cruel rule from going into effect. #handsoffsnap - Rep. Barbara Lee
  • As someone who experienced hunger firsthand, I did not expect to come to the United States and go to school with kids who were worried about food as much as I was worried about it in a refugee camp. I have never seen a rule so naïve and heartless. - Rep. Ilhan Omar
  • Rookie WR N'Keal Harry's final snap vs. the Chiefs was a confidence boost for him ... and those around him. It has sparked exploration into different ways Harry can further integrate into the offense. - Mike Reiss
  • “Taking people who are unemployed off #snap often does harm to more than just those who directly receive food assistance. Many of these people share their benefits with their family and social networks, including children and elderly family members.” - The King Center
  • Corbyn lost because the mainstream electorate was biased against him “Can I finish?” Grumpy Grandpa used to snap at interviewers. “Can I finish?” Well yes, you can now. You are well and truly finished. My farewell to the Scooby Doo baddie in @thetimes - Matt Chorley
  • 30-Minute, Big-Flavor Soups That'll Help Beat the Cold Snap - 2bigboys.com
  • President Scrooge, indeed. Trump’s cuts to SNAP benefits go against everything the holidays celebrate. We need a president who won’t just defend SNAP, but expand it. - Julián Castro
  • Instead of fighting for people’s SNAP benefits, Democrats are handing him a trade deal. No one cares. Except Bernie. - Tania Singh
  • [email protected] takes the direct snap for the touchdown! #kcvsne #chiefskingdom : CBS : NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile: - NFL
  • My latest on the Trump Administration's rollout of cuts to SNAP, and the stories of several people who rely on the program - Michael Sainato
  • Stonehenge 1875 family photo may be earliest at monument - BBC News (UK)
  • Op-Ed: The Trump Administration’s SNAP Rule Change Will Cause More Hunger Than We Can Handle: I run a food bank and I know no amount of charity will make up for this cruel policy. - Gary Dunavant
  • [email protected] thinks daddy's admin is "pro-family". Fact check: Trump... -Is tearing families apart at the border. -Caused 475K children to lose health ins in 2018. -Has attacked family food security by cutting SNAP. Trump is only pro-Trump. #demcast - Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸 #DemCast
  • Varadkar rallies the troops to tackle climate emergency..rallies the troops to tackle biodiversity crisis..rallies the troops to tackle homelessness..rallies the troops to tackle hospital crisis. Nope. Varadkar only cares about being in power. #vacant - The Bee Guy
  • Meghan Markle's BFF Jessica Mulroney admits she's 'not perfect' as she shares a bikini photo on Instagram - Daily Mail U.K.
  • Trump is trying to rip food assistance away from hungry families just before the holidays. It’s absolutely disgusting – Congress needs to pass the Protect #snap Act to stop that from happening. #handsoffsnap - Rep. Barbara Lee
  • Food assistance is a critical component to help our most vulnerable and address hunger, which disproportionately impacts rural Oregonians, low-income communities, and communities of color. - Governor Kate Brown
  • No individual in one of the richest countries in the world should go hungry -- but it's clear Trump would rather give tax breaks to his rich friends than help feed those in need #snap >> - Dwight Evans




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วันนี้วันพระ ขึ้น ๑๕ ค่ำเดือน ๑ เข้า

วันนี้วันพระ ขึ้น ๑๕ ค่ำเดือน ๑ เข้าใจผิดว่า...แก่แล้วทำอะไรก็ได้ ...

뉴욕에서도 코펜하겐에서도, 그리고 서울에서도 달을 볼 수 있는 것처럼.

뉴욕에서도 코펜하겐에서도, 그리고 서울에서도 달을 볼 수 있는 것처럼. 늘 동일하게, 심지어는 그날 밤 희미하여 잘 보이지 않던 달조...