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  • “His ripping of refugee children from their parents’ arms and putting them in cages on our southwest border was shameful and contrary to every value we hold dear, as Americans, as Christians, as Men for Others, and as human beings,” - Martin O'Malley
  • Google’s “knowledge panels” — the informative boxes that pop up on Google search pages — tend to mislabel terrorists, white nationalists & mass murderers by autogenerating bizarre snapshot biographies listing them as “authors” & other benign titles. - Caroline Orr
  • The march towards slow news continues - Brett Leppard
  • My latest from the Tripoli front. A snapshot of one group of fighters struggling against Haftar's technological edge. Momentum has shifted. A palpable drop in morale compared to my visit to the front in June I warn of even more bloodshed ahead. #libya - Frederic Wehrey
  • A snapshot into the world of mermaiding for fitness and fun! Why I Became A Mermaid, Sam on why she became a mermaid... @bbcsesh #mermaiding #mermaidjoanna - Big Ricks Swim Team
  • Market Snapshot: Stocks lower, still within striking distance of records as trade deadline looms - West Virginia Topics
  • Thank you for keeping up-to-date on the political situation in Haiti. This PBS article is a concise snapshot of recent events, as well as a detailed description of how the political standoff came to be. #haiti #pbs - Caneille Regional Development Fund
  • The latest Market Snapshot column from MarketWatch - Yvonne Wilcox Pen Name Network News
  • Market Snapshot: Dow futures retreat to start week after stock market puts in best session in months - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • "He's everyone's arch-enemy - and I love that." #sbstheworldgame - SBS - The World Game
  • Art: Snapshot: Pierre Jahan at the Gitterman Gallery, New York - FT Weekend
  • Market Snapshot: Dow futures soar on much better than expected U.S. jobs report for November - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • Market Snapshot: Dow poised to extend gains for a third day in a row as jobs report looms - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • Interesting snapshot of polling intentions since the 2017 election (courtesy of The Guardian - LiveSquawk
  • Market Snapshot: Dow futures rise as China says trade representatives are in ‘close contact’ with U.S. - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • Market Snapshot: Dow jumps 200 points amid renewed optimism over U.S.-China trade talks - West Virginia Topics
  • Market Snapshot: Stock futures point to a rebound for Wall Street with renewed optimism over U.S.-China trade talks - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • "A Biographical Snapshot of Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin" by The Associated Press via NYT - Gradunet Education Network
  • Market Snapshot: Dow futures turn lower after Trump says China deal may be best after 2020 election - HP Targeting, Inc.


“You will tell them that I was nothing and that you no longer have feelings for me. But there will

“You will tell them that I was nothing and that you no longer have feelings for me. But there will come a day when you realize that I was the only truth you have ever knew.” . ...