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  • Sony Japan has taken down a music video promoting its PS4 winter games lineup after fans accused it of ripping off the work of popular animators. - IGN
  • I can't believe Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox design before Sony shows us the PS4. I'm still at the PS4 event. It's been nearly 7 years. Send help. - Steve Kovach
  • The best headphone gifts for the holidays - Myriad Digital
  • The portable PlayStations were Sony at its most ambitious - The Verge
  • Sony Alpha 9 II camera launched in India: Price, specifications - Hindustan Times
  • Sony says it is "no longer" interested in making handheld consoles. - IGN
  • Seriously, there are so many movies to watch - Mashable Deals
  • These are the best 65-inch TVs you can buy on sale this Cyber Monday from Samsung, TCL, Sony, Vizio, and more. - USA TODAY Money
  • Pierce Brosnan is joining @Camila_Cabello, Billy Porter (@theebillyporter) and @idinamenzel in Sony's #cinderella musical - The Hollywood Reporter
  • Sony killed PlayStation handhelds, but there’s always hope in smartphones - Márcio M. Silva
  • I told ya Microsoft wanted to surprise Sony. Microsoft is saying Xbox Series X will be the "fastest" and "most powerful." - Tom Warren
  • [email protected]_Cabello and @Sony have found their Prince Charming - billboard
  • Great article on Sony's slow growth on the cloud. Something they might end up regretting. - Disfunktedfish
  • 32 Best Cyber Monday 2019 Camera Deals: GoPro, Sony, Nikon, DJI, and More - Pyramis Technology
  • New posto Street|shin ikegami @ikegami_shin #note #streetphotography SONY ILCE‑7M2 / Lomography New Jupiter 3+ 1.5/50 L39/M - shin ikegami
  • Microsoft just unveiled its new Xbox, setting the stage for 2020 console war with Sony - 🌎 Ojos al Saber 🌍
  • Microsoft just unveiled its new Xbox at #thegameawards. Here's what we know: - The name: Xbox Series X - It has a peculiar shape, resembling a PC tower - New controller has a 'share' button for game capture BIG thing we don't know yet: price - Ryan Browne
  • Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima will launch in summer 2020 - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • Watch Sony's State of Play livestream here at 9AM ET: #deeplearning #iot #bigdata mt: @MikeQuindazzi - Joe Bond


* 36mm(APS-C)│f4.0│1/80│ISO100│ これも前のと同じ内容です。 ハイコントラ

* 36mm(APS-C)│f4.0│1/80│ISO100│ これも前のと同じ内容です。 ハイコントラストで 柔らかい感じ好きな人は嫌いそう。 東京│立川│国...

撮るだけ撮って、 放置してた写真。 撮る度に整理しとけば良かったと今

撮るだけ撮って、 放置してた写真。 撮る度に整理しとけば良かったと今更後悔。 やらなきゃならない事と やりたい事が沢山ありま...