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  • A spooky fact for Friday the 13th: While foreign actors are trying to meddle in US elections and the House is passing bills to protect our democracy, the Senate is doing nothing. - Rep. Jason Crow
  • Chemists observe 'spooky' quantum tunneling: Extremely large electric fields can prevent umbrella-shaped ammonia molecules from inverting. - xxy
  • Bizarre footage shows kittens that appear to have human faces - Julie Decarlo
  • Just five days after the announcement that our airports will be overrun with the Protection Operation Response Team (PORT), armed with Mk18 Short-Barrel Rifles and rocket launchers, a false alarm security scare A really spooky coincidence, eh? - Bruce Ross
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns with more spooky teen drama in January - Vulture
  • The same day as the baby is due! I know what I and my spooky child will be watching. - Emma Larson
  • ‘Ghosting’ Is Reaching Spooky Records At Work—Are You The Problem? - Leonard Tillerman
  • Breeder shows off new litter of kittens with spooky 'human faces' - Suzy
  • Spooky entities from the ether spying on your kids and harassing them is the natural consequence of in-home surveillance devices - Dr. Jen Golbeck 💗💜💙
  • So spooky! - bshlez
  • Now that spooky season is over, the countdown to the holidays is on — and we found the best beauty products to give to your friends (or yourself) this November: - InStyle
  • Cleaning a funeral home is just too spooky Isa! #stillgame streaming now on @BBCiPlayer - BBC Scotland
  • Have you seen these cats Lindsey? - Violetsky
  • Halloween is the perfect day to do a deep dive into spooky consumer tech currently in the works. Enjoy! - Kaitlyn Hudgens
  • The very talented @annawiener wrote about how Salesforce Park shapes San Francisco’s late 2010s mythology— one that’s sleek, surveilled, and a bit spooky. I was quoted in the article as referencing the omnipresent Minority Report vibes. And stand by it! - fry
  • The Economist | Spooky - Paul Rosenzweig
  • "The city [of L.A.] has launched a design contest for a new streetlight, one that places a premium on high design and great accessibility." I would just like a single lamp, fancy or not, on my L.A. street. It's spooky dark at night. - Matt Stiles
  • Three of author @richardvancamp's favourite 2019 books by Indigenous authors include spooky short stories, a powerful memoir, and a new spin on an old fable. @helen_knott @katherenav - Unreserved
  • It’s the last #fridaythe13th of this decade! Celebrate by reading some spooky stories to get into that #fridayfeeling -Dj nigel - 6teen Talks


Ladies and gentlemen we are back on the grind the third episode of my Outlast play through drops ton

Ladies and gentlemen we are back on the grind the third episode of my Outlast play through drops tonight at 10pm (CT)🎬. Before it drops be sure to click the link in the bio and ...