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  • This is Ferrari's finest sportscar to date: the 488 Pista - Forbes
  • Porsche raises stake in Croatian sportscar maker Rimac to 15.5% - Reuters
  • Fernando Alonso will compete in the Daytona 24-hour sportscar race! British teenager Lando Norris will join him. - BBC Sport
  • McLaren's Fernando Alonso finished 38th on his sportscar debut at the Daytona 24 Hours. - BBC Sport
  • “Models like these will not be seen as Tesla killers, but rather as Porsche savers. The sportscar makers can’t coast on their nameplates and...if they (buyers) can get the Model 3 for half the price, they will pay attention.” - 🐶Earl of FrunkPuppy🐶
  • This company is about to start selling a $111,000 electric sportscar - Bloomberg
  • Toyota have confirmed Fernando Alonso will test their LMP1 sportscar at a rookie session in Bahrain on Sunday. More: - BBC Sport
  • Nissan unveils an electric car more powerful than its iconic GT-R sportscar - Businessweek
  • The eighth version of "America's sportscar" is radically different to any production Corvette of the past: In the quest for even sharper handling, the engineering team realized the engine would have to move behind the cabin. - Ars Technica
  • Twin sportscar-sized satellites to chase water changes on Earth - FRANCE 24
  • Jaguar designed an electric sportscar just for Gran Turismo - Ars Technica
  • Wheeler Dealers' Ant Anstead builds new retro sportscar - ZG-magazin
  • Tesla Motors bulls claimed that the Porsche Taycan EV sportscar was years away. Whoops! $TSLAQ - Jason Burack
  • It doesn't look like India is going to see a #tesla sportscar on its roads any time soon. Strict regulations have prevented @elonmusk's Tesla from entering the Indian market. - Tech2
  • Two sportscar-sized satellites in orbit to measure Earth's water - FRANCE 24 English
  • China's Qiantu Motor will start selling a $111,000 electric sportscar in July - QuickTake by Bloomberg
  • Jaguar F-Type SVR review: It’s fast, furious and fun; a sportscar you can use everyday - Hindustan Times
  • The Petit Le Mans: More proof we’re in a golden age for sportscar racing - Ars Technica
  • Is a £120k banana the new financial benchmark? Does a sportscar cost two bananas? Will Bitcoin ever be 1 banana? Do executives have a salary of a banana + benefits? - Neill


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