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  • Last Week Tonight celebrated its legal victory by insulting Bob Murray yet again—this time in song. - Slate
  • John Oliver roasts litigious coal titan in epic, squirrel-filled musical number - Los Angeles Times
  • Tory MP, Randox man, Owen Paterson was once Environment Sec, he organised a badger cull which was a failure, then blamed badgers for “moving the goalposts” if this wasn’t enough he insisted on posing with dead squirrels he trapped - Ian collins
  • England flooding an absolute tragedy, says Boris Johnson - Ok so now it’s a tragedy. Well yes. And great ‘Cobra’ has met! If Cobra is less like a pouncing snake and more like a drunk squirrel. Years of no plans and then this again. Pathetic - Christopher Chesney #FBPE 🕷
  • Animals on the Playing Field - 28 recent images of some of the kangaroos, opossums, dogs, bees, squirrels, and yes, cats, who have taken it upon themselves to intrude upon us humans while we were in the middle of our many important sporting events. - The Atlantic Photo
  • Does a pox from the grey squirrels kill the red squirrels? It's a "fact" that's been around for a while, but is it true? Even I believed it, and I'm known for my love of all things squirrel. - Introvertive Photography
  • Squirrel Protest: All Your Trees Are MINE, Japan. #squirrels4glasses - Mad_Squirrel
  • I can't wait for him to testify, if he does. He's conservative as hell, but he knows that Trump is nuttier than squirrel poop. - Mo Ray
  • John Oliver Taunts Coal Baron Enraged by Giant Talking Squirrel With Giant Singing Squirrels - #BearJew
  • A squirrels number one priority is to protect its stash of food. This squirrel jumped up like a Jack in the Box - Pest Exterminators Essex
  • Squirrel Hill baker competes on @FoodNetwork's Christmas Cookie Challenge - TribLIVE.com
  • And Clarence Thomas was paid for his service! - Matt Hammington
  • Re: Today's 'flying squirrel' from @thetimesscot (based on info that was available five months ago - you're quick boys...very quick), a reminder that the highest court in the land found the old (and very much liquidated) Rangers guilty of cheating. - Matthew Leslie
  • The question of which animals are my friends, and which are not is troublesome, writes @JennyBoylan. “Why are summer goldfinches a source of joy, but the squirrels who eat the seeds I put out for those finches my sworn enemies?” - New York Times Opinion
  • 'I Just Want My Baby Back' Sacramento Woman Searching For Missing Squirrel - CBS Sacramento CBS13
  • Nimrata Haley is a self-loathing squirrel. I have zero respect for that opportunistic, zero cred, virtue signaling broad. Are you sure that’s pie on her face and not skin bleaching cream? She’s running from her ethnicity like she’s Flo Jo. #girlbye - Scholarly Mama
  • This Berlin Speed Camera Snaps Loads of Squirrel Selfies - BZ Berlin B.Z.
  • The song-and-dance number is equal parts expletives and squirrels. - LAT Entertainment
  • "musical number" was not where i was expecting john oliver's SLAPP lawsuits lesson to go! - Nardine Saad


Wir hatten heute morgen schon zuckersüßen Besuch. Letztes Jahr haben wir mehrere kleine Eichhörnc

Wir hatten heute morgen schon zuckersüßen Besuch. Letztes Jahr haben wir mehrere kleine Eichhörnchen gefunden, welche nur wenige Tage nach der Geburt aus dem Nest gefallen ware...

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It is important regular clean your pet’s hair in the daily life. With this deshedding glove, you can effectively clean the pet’s hair and prevent your pet from indigesting du...


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Когда не стесняешься заявить о своих предпочтениях 😎

Когда не стесняешься заявить о своих предпочтениях 😎 За крутых питерских белок по нашему хештегу...

◽︎ ◽︎ ひょっこリス🐿 . 秋の写真がなくなったわけじゃなくて 一旦、

◽︎ ◽︎ ひょっこリス🐿 . 秋の写真がなくなったわけじゃなくて 一旦、リスさまを挟んでいるだけです🍂 雪降ってますがまだ秋の...