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  • Giving staffies a chance: the rescue dogs turned policing heroes @ASPolice @RSPCA_official - ITV News WestCountry
  • Thanks to all that let us know about this. PD Cooper and other amazing staffies, another great article for an amazing breed. More positive press. @StaffsPolice - PD Cooper
  • Meet the six staffies searching for new homes after centre sees influx of the breed - ITV Wales News
  • It turns out Staffies make perfect crime-fighting heroes! Meet the dogs being trained by the police - BBC Newsround
  • Brilliant news this morning! Snoop the #staffie was abandoned just before Christmas - but now he's got a new home! - ITV News Central
  • Shocking photos reveal the squalid conditions where a mother kept their two Staffies and left one to starve to death - Daily Mail U.K.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers are crowned Britain's favourite dogs - Dianne
  • Seeing the video of Snoop the #staffie being abandoned by his owner, I cried. How could someone do that. But I'm so happy that he has found his #foreverhome There are SO many #staffies in Rescues in the #uk, please give them a chance #snoop - Becca 🇬🇧🇺🇸
  • Dog fighting for life after Staffies broke into garden and 'left her for dead' - Georgia Diebelius
  • Newborn Staffies tossed away like rubbish sparks ANGER - Who could do this to a puppy? - Animals1st
  • Reckon @CBBC_Hacker could match these crime-fighting Staffies? We're not so sure either... - BBC Newsround
  • Cooper joins several of us who are Rescue Staffies working as Police Dogs - Police Dog Stella the Staffie
  • Staffies are named as Britain's favourite dog of 2019 - Daily Mail U.K.
  • Thrilled our beloved Bindi features in this piece about hero staffies alongside 3 other champions So fantastic to see positive press about our amazing breed. Your legacy lives on beautiful girl - Senior Staffy Club
  • Dog owner watched in horror as pack of Staffies attacked his pets tearing their flesh - Daily Mirror
  • Three bald puppies 'dumped' at vets in Halifax They all look Staffies why would you do this ? Twice. Hopefully they find homes and jumpers like mine there so cute - Master Bodger ®️
  • In today's @Telegraph, I wrote about Staffies being voted the nation's favourite dog and why it's overdue recognition for an unfairly maligned breed. Online here, complete with lots of commenters disagreeing/remarking on our sofa - Michael Ho-Ho-Hogan
  • Viewers' Staffies to honour @PdStellaGlosPol! More on tonight's @bbcpointswest - BBC Points West




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