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  • I'm not sure how much @SAFA_net as an organisation will be affected by this. Hopefully this will also speed up the #stage2 that @AceNcobo have warned us about, - Man's NOT Trash
  • Stage2 from young Daniel.... - stan
  • It's about the affordability of Govt tax cuts: Stage1 (low income) $15B; Stage2 (middle income) $48B Stage3 (high income) $95B What services & funding will suffer to deliver the $158B package? Will someone please ask the Govt? #auspol @AustralianLabor - Robert Waddell
  • Its starting - #woden stage2 light rail #canberra - Caroline Le Couteur MLA
  • Stage2. PLS keeps climbing the ladder. @PilbaraMinerals - Bulls V Bears
  • Community engagement you say? Budget for art you say? I would like a very art infused sidewalk on the west side of Sherbourne please... #stage2 #lrt #cleary #communityvoice - Tricia Ross
  • The #cleary station is supposed to be "10 metres wide and about as long as a football field." says @ @KellyEganColumn Good Lord. Carlingwood and McKellar Park people you'd better show up if you want your voice heard! #lrt #stage2 @TriciaRossOtt - Alecia O'Brien
  • Stage2 of this break-up This FedExGround non-renewal is the box of stuff you'd left at your Ex's left on your doorstep - Tim Hawk
  • Maybe it’s the idealist in me but I keep coming back to the table. I want to believe there’s a way we can work together to get the infrastructure needed for positive outcomes for LRT Stage2 #lrt #stage2 #bayward #cleary #gimmeasidewalk @tm_kavanagh - Tricia Ross
  • Makeup-free Laura Csortan cuts a low-key figure at Gold Coast property after fir .. - Madelyn Foreman
  • アレ?昼の拘束時STAGE2の火傷程度、命に別条なしだったが?⇒  - 足立よしこ #osaka #nonuke
  • J-CASTの連載「コラム遊牧民」を更新。今回はVOCE8月号の「齋藤薫の美容自身 Stage2」から。美容ジャーナリストの齋藤さんは「女性が上手に年をとるにはマイナス要素を同時に二つ抱えない」と説きます。老けたら太らない、太ったら愛想よく…男でよかった。こちらから無料で。 - 冨永 格(たぬちん)
  • ダ「バリバリ絵本!絵本のページをバリバリめくってお手本と同じページをバリバリ見つけるのじゃ先にバリバリポイントを取った人のバリバリですぞ」ま「バリバリ了解した」【マリパ7/2-2 - お米ごめんbot
  • ク「協力していこう、な?」ダ「死ねよ早く」ク「うるせえ早く死ねよ!!あああっ!!」【マリパ7/2-4 - お米ごめんbot
  • 新企画 無料note公開! 「セールスゲーム化計画」 [stage2] お客さんの心が 丸見えになる。 セールスを 飽きないゲームにしてくれる。 成約率も上げてくれる。 例の「 秘密アイテム 」 - けんじゃ@売らないセールスゲーマー
  • IMO-Stage1 should be reported as in how many were reversed & how many progressed to stage2 & the availability of equipment & amount of seniors unable to pay for specialty mattress in the eastern zone should be considered when looking at #'s #seniorpoverty - Bonnie Cox
  • City of Ottawa’s auditor general plans to probe Stage 2 LRT procurement - Paul Emanuelli
  • (Indeed "P3" is quite beside the point, sorry for that tangent. But Google "ottawa lrt p3". Manconi+Swail use "P3" 20 times in Feb 27 Stage2 report; Dreessen op-ed in Citizen the next day: - Rich Brandau ☃️
  • A suspect contract blew the fuse #mabuzaqanda #eskom #eskomcrisis #eskomarlet #eskomloadshedding #loadshedding #stage1 #stage2 #stage4 #stage5 - #BlackMonopolyCapitalist 🇿🇦


I’m gonna go ahead and shoot another for the spam, but recently got some @invictus.aero products i

I’m gonna go ahead and shoot another for the spam, but recently got some @invictus.aero products installed on the subie and I’m extremely happy. The car looks great and definit...