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  • Anyway here he is in 2014 arguing (again) that impeachment isn’t reliant on statutory violations in a column titled “Five Myths About Impeachment.” Indeed! - Adam Serwer🍝
  • ETEnergyworld | Govt may revive plan to give statutory powers to DGH - ETEnergyWorld
  • Moshe Journo pleaded guilty to sexual assault, statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault. - TribLIVE.com
  • A survey of 158 TDs and analysis of their statutory declarations show at least 54 TDs, mostly in Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, are also landlords, barristers, farmers, pharmacists, postmasters and shop owners. - Paddy McKenna 🇮🇪
  • The Trump-Ukraine whistleblower has a statutory right to confidentiality: It's the law - Thomas E. Kuenzli
  • Bharti Airtel has posted a staggering Rs 23,045 crore net loss for the second quarter ended September 30, due to provisioning of Rs 28,450 crore in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's ruling on statutory dues. - Financial Express
  • lying toryscumbag "Conservative Party: Chancellor misremembered the statistics" Figures from the Ministry show that "statutory homelessness in England peaked in 2003 before falling to a low in 2009. Between 2009 and 2017 homelessness then increased 38%" - Andrea Casalotti
  • Schiff’s claim that the whistleblower has a ‘statutory right’ to anonymity - The Washington Post - Nick W
  • Presidents have been targeted for impeachment for abusing their power, w/holding info from Congress & providing poor moral leadership. They've been threatened w/removal for violating court orders, statutory law, the Constitution & even the UN Charter. - MSparck
  • Oops! $125 turned into less than $7/claim, while your statutory damages claims have been waived entirely! But don’t call it a bait and switch, or the lawyers asking for over $2000/hour payment might say mean things about you in their papers. - tedfrank
  • I know we can't afford this, and most people we represent cannot either. None of us were asked to participate in a survey, infact never heard of this private company that represents private homecare companies before - Care Champions
  • @afiercemind This is the problem Defendant who raped 5 year old child gets 90 days' detention - Kathy Dove
  • "That just doesn't fit any definition of bribery -- common law definition of bribery, statutory definition of bribery -- however you define the constitutional word 'bribery.' It just doesn't fit," he said. - Larry O'Connor
  • #chandakochhar had earlier stated that #icicibank was under statutory obligation to obtain prior #rbi approval to terminate her from service, and claimed that the bank did not seek any such approval. - Firstpost
  • //Providing statutory 80% reservation in jobs for local youths, ₹10 meal and building super-speciality hospitals were... - Sarcastic Fringehead
  • “Lawmakers may think that a tax credit here, a statutory formula there, will assuage the deleterious side effects of a regressive food tax increase,” Jim Nielson writes in an opinion piece for The Tribune. “... But these things won’t cure the problem.” - The Salt Lake Tribune
  • Such an interesting article. - George Gatenby 🐑
  • Girl sexually exploited ‘by over 40 adults’ while in care | While in care, repeat, while in 'care.' Just read this piece. The 'one size fits all' statutory guidance does not fit #regulatedactivities where #mr is urgently needed @inquiryCSA. #dontdelay - Mandate Now
  • Very interesting report from @JoeLeogue on the fall out among promoters/ statutory authorities, resulting from the traffic fiasco at All Together Now in August.. #atn20 - Feargus Dunne