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  • WOMAN DRAGGED: Dramatic surveillance camera footage from inside a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Houston’s Galleria Mall shows a man violently steal a woman’s purse, knocking her down an escalator in the process. - Houston Chronicle
  • Nintendo is opening its first official store in Japan this week. It will be in Shibuya Tokyo and is part of strategy to increase fans of Nintendo IP. Today is press preview day of store. Will I be there? Yes! - Takashi Mochizuki
  • For the @NewYorker's food issue, I went into the belly of my favorite beast: the Park Slope Food Co-op. - Alexandra Schwartz
  • Caught napping: Police in Sweden say a wanted man was found asleep in a bed in a furniture store. - AP Oddities
  • Google details DeepMind AI’s role in Play Store app recommendations - Kyle Wiggers
  • People in certain South and West Baltimore neighborhoods can now get $5 roundtrip Lyft rides to the grocery store. - The Baltimore Sun
  • California dog store employee caught forcibly throwing dog by neck across room - Gail kline
  • The entire economic model - which depends on the endless growth in consumption - relies on buying things you don't need, throwing them away, then replacing them with more things you don't need. #mariekondo is merely following its inexorable logic. - George Monbiot
  • Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store was recently appraised at $1.6 billion, dropping almost 60% from about $3.7 billion five years ago. - Lisa Abramowicz
  • Marie Kondo has opened a store, to sell you things. Think about that for a minute. By @rachelbwolfe - Jesse Pesta
  • I salute the unnamed source here who describes the Park Slope Food Co-Op as "a user-friendly way of experiencing the pitfalls of communism" - Tom Gara
  • Instagam 'stalker' app Ghosty drops off Google Play Store - BBC News Technology
  • Doug Ford’s corner store beer consultant to make $1,000 a day up to $200,000 plus expenses. Compare that to Wynne’s consultant who made $1. #onpoli #cdnpoli - Leslie Maggie
  • Starbucks opened its world's largest Roastery in Chicago today. The five-story location is 35,000 square feet, overtaking the Tokyo Roastery as Starbucks' biggest location. - CNN
  • [email protected] is taking over Hollywood! - Marvel Entertainment
  • A celebrity who spends years successfully encouraging people to throw out their stuff only to open a store with the explicit intent of replacing those lost things is one of the most cursed concepts I've ever heard of. - Amanda Mull
  • In #spacenews - Is this what's in store for Earth-based astronomy with thousands of @SpaceX satellites on the way? - PAO - Amy Shira Teitel
  • Out today: the made-for-Bollywood tale of a lowly record store manager whose company conquered India's music industry, then the world's biggest video sharing site...and finally PewDiePie. The story of T-Series is the latest @latimes Column One. - Shashank Bengali
  • Gun violence has found its place in our everyday lives. The disturbing reality is we can’t walk into a grocery store, attend school, enjoy a neighborhood BBQ, or attend services in a place of worship without fear. We CAN and MUST #dosomething. #txlege - Lorenzo Sanchez for Texas HD 67


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